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a kennedy

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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 11:02 PM
Number of posts: 26,903

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Yikes.....watching "The Sixties" on CNN..... possible Russian connection into JFK's

murder??? OMG. Wasn't Oswald's wife of Russian heritage??? So Russia's involvement goes THAT far back??? I'm nuts right??? tRump and all his associates ARE connected to Oswald's wife??? Or some other Russian connection. I'm way off right??

Anyone else seeing join the Army advertisements.....with a $40,000 bonus???

I think I'm seeing more then usual.....or is it just me??

and again Congress will be out for the Memorial Holiday......how long this time....a week?

and where do I find the actual calendar of the Congressional bodies.....House and Senate. How many weeks, minus any Friday actions, do they actually work?

Just got an e-mail from this organization......what the h*ll is it?? AMAC??


The big Republican win in November shocked the media elites. And shocked the political establishment of both parties. It was a wake up call, and now the fight to Make America Great Again is upon us.

One organization has been standing up for conservative values all along - and for working class Americans everywhere: AMAC. The conservative alternative to AARP.

AMAC has been fighting for smaller government, social security reform, and religious freedom from the day it was founded.

And while AARP was busy supporting ObamaCare, AMAC was opposing the bill every step of the way.

If you're over 50, we urge you to join the conservative army of AMAC members now. If you act now, a 5 year membership is only $59.95.

AMAC delivers the very best member benefits and discounts to its million plus members - on everything from health insurance to hotels to restaurants.

CLICK HERE to join AMAC online, or call 888-262-2006.

Join AMAC NOW. And be a part of this growing - and important - organization that fights for your values year in, year out.


Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Prager

Oh, ok, I'm over 50, though I'm not an AARP member......wonder how I received this.

Mulvaney is a piece of shiet.....

his attitude.....ugh. Piece of shiet He's on CNBC now, 10:15 CST

Still remarkable that Secretariat holds the record at The Preakness......1:53

https://www.secretariat.com/. Still in love with this horse.

Huma Abedin.......filing for divorce.

http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2017/05/19/huma-abedin-anthony-weiner-divorce/. Did she have to??? Just feel so sorry for her.

I'm sorry for mentioning this......but I think SNL isn't that funny.

Love Melisa as Spicer and Alec as tRump.......but most all the others ARE really boring. Is it just me?? and has this been discussed before??

Should have known.....Wanker is ready for another term......UGH.


Al Franken is on C-SPAN now......regarding the firing of Comey.....1:28CST. eom

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