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a kennedy

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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 11:02 PM
Number of posts: 21,234

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OMGAWD I just realized I'm raciest against ORANGE people......

"There's nothing political about people dying".......

from a ICU nurse in Green Bay Wisconsin.

Ah, are bell bottom pants/jeans coming back into fashion???

Am getting my onslot of fall and holiday catalogs and lotsa of them are showing a lot more bell bottoms. Bell bottoms really are more flattering for some of us. I might have to try on my old bells to see if they still fit, and I suppose I should add here, I KNOW THEY WONíT FIT.

Just called CNN dumb bastards for their constant coverage of the pandemic.......

at the orange piece of shitís rally in Arizona.


Heís still jabbering and itís been over an hour!!!!!! How was Chris Christie in ICU for 7 days and the orange piece of shit is out every damn day blabbing......how is that possible??? Oh right not a bad case and heís cured...... I TOTALLY DESPISE HIM.

OK, OK ,OK, I take it back, my comment on Joe's bad optics........

watching now, and see there is A BALCONY and people asking questions from there.......and the split screen. I SEE HIM LOOKING AT HIS QUESTIONERS. SO SORRY. Mega culpa.

Optics on ABC are horrible.....where is Joe looking??? It's terrible......



I just do not care for her.....she's a wimp.

Just heard on my local news.......the repubs, tRump, pence, and Paul Ryan haven't paid their

political bills from 2016 for about $15,000. The local police department did contact the Hillary campaign for her bill AND OMGAWD, HER CAMPAIGN DID PAY HER AMOUNT. Why am I surprised, tRump donít pay taxes, why in hell would he pay his campaign debts.
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