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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 20,864

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Yikes, Colorado Senate debate on C-SPIN NOW......HICKENLOOPER for the win.

OhMyyy.......absolutely love him.

Lindsey Graham doesnít want to get tested for Covid-19, because think of what the contact tracing on THAT would reveal. OhMyyy #LadyG #LindseyGrahamHasCovid

and OMGAWD.........how do I love Wisconsin.....first the bullshit with ballots..

and NOW involved with the possible kidnapping of the Michigan Governor. Oh yah, I love my birth place. NOT.

What am I missing that the airlines are not getting their bailout, or stimulus???

and why are they more important then any other business??? Iím feeling sick for all the small business NOT getting their stimulus money, and all the UNEMPLOYED people??? Why are the airlines getting first dibs??? and sorry for being so ignorant.

Now why would 538 be showing a rise in tRumps approval numbers???

https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/trump-approval-ratings/?ex_cid=rrpromo. Because heís got the damn virus and they feel sorry for his damn ass???

and I swear to gawd, if this is just a ploy......his getting the virus, this Walter Reed Hospital

visit, and what's to follow..............IS HE DOING THIS FOR "RATINGS"?????? as in the greatest showman on earth doing this to WIN the damn election??? or am I so far off that no one else has thought this. and it's really sad I'm even feeling this way.

What time is this shit show over????

This just makes me sick.......they can't even come up with their own slogan.

GOP sells 'Notorious A.C.B.' T-shirts moments after nomination, one day after RBG honored in Capitol. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2020/09/27/amy-coney-barrett-nrsc-sells-notorious-acb-t-shirts/3554172001/

Just watched my Dvr'd copy of Conan OBrien with Michelle Obama!!!!!!!!

She looks fantastic and so beautiful, and my husband said she looks younger!!!!!!! Did anyone else see her??
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