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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 15,660

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Anyone watch the races at Royal Ascot???

Wow, horse racing all week......in England, itís wonderful if ya like this sort of thing......lotsa Irish horses, jockeys, and trainers here. Love it.....

I wonder what Malania got her husband for his birthday??

He didnít get her anything for her birthday and called her the wrong name didnít he?? Or am I nuts??

Ok, I'm starting to enjoy advertisements with just music.....

just saw one about Trane air conditioner......am on my iPad, hear music look up and see an advertisement with only great music, NO TALKING, it was great, AND I watched it.

Oh my, put forward on CNN Don Lemon's show......

A Democratic Presidential candidate with a ďnormalĒ Republican as Vice Presidential candidate to defeat tRump and his band of insane followers!!!!!! That could be something to block tRump getting in again. Kind of interesting.

Well I think my 8 year old iMac just bit the dust......it's just black.....

I turn it on with the button on the back of the screen, it comes on with the little Apple icon, is on for about 5 sec then goes to black. I think itís dead.

So flag day is this Thursday.......should I hang my Canadian flag instead of the American flag?

you know as in solidarity with the Country of Canada??

I just saw a robin standing on one of our posts with ONE LEG!!!

don't know how to get a photo of it, but I have never seen that in my 67 year old life. Standing on one leg......

Tony Awards??

anyone?? Love em.

Triple Crown Winner.......


I'm sure this was posted before, but it's still way cool....Barack and Anthony

Bourdaineís table they shared in Vietnam is now inclosed in glass.


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