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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 11:02 PM
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Looking to downsize to a two bedroom two bath condo.....

Have contacted a realtor for details on a couple of condos to see,....he sent me this back.......and what do you think I should take from this statement?

"I’m not sure if the association is “lendable” right now or not with so many units for sale. The view are awesome of course."

Knew I loved Stephen King.....see a couple of tweets.....

Stephen King ✔ @StephenKing
Revised Tea Party Gospel: "Suffer the little children come unto me. Unless they're undocumented kids from Central America."

Stephen King ✔ @StephenKing
Much easier to be a Christian when the little children aren't in your back yard, isn't it?

Best-selling author Stephen King has called out Tea Party types and Christians on Twitter, suggesting they’re hypocrites on immigration. Some of them weren’t too happy.

King doesn’t tweet much (only 323 so far) but he has a lot of followers (477,000), and at the moment he’s in a tweet-fight with his Tea Party foes over the current crisis over thousands of Central American children arriving unaccompanied at the border.

Although King’s contempt for Tea Party politics is not new, his comments on the (latest) border crisis brought out a flurry of angry and/or profane tweets from people who called him hypocritical or clueless or both.

Savannah the Bossy @thesavvy

.@StephenKing on the issue of illegal immigration, you're in the minority. You understand this, right?

Conservative pundits, such as Glenn Beck, also bashed him in regular media.

“This is a guy who said that I was Satan’s mentally challenged younger brother,” Beck said on his radio show today. “Of course he’s not going to recognize our effort. … He can’t get past his hate.”

Beck has nearly 900,000 followers on Twitter and has sent out nearly 7,000 tweets.


Poll:GOP more excited than Democrats about voting.....

Republicans are more jazzed than Democrats about voting in the 2014 midterm elections, but the enthusiasm gap between the parties isn’t as wide as it was at this point before the 2006 and 2010 “waves” that led to power changing hands.

A new Pew Research Center poll found 45% of voters who planned to support a GOP candidate for Congress were more enthusiastic about casting a ballot than they were in previous elections. By comparison, 37% of Democrats have greater enthusiasm about voting in November.

In the 2010 midterms, when the Tea Party helped sweep John Boehner’s party into power in the House, Republicans had a 13-point advantage in enthusiasm. In 2006, when Democrats took control of the House, Nancy Pelosi’s party had a 17-point enthusiasm advantage four months ahead of Election Day.

So what’s the cause of excitement?

The Pew poll found 62% of Republicans and Democrats are motivated to go to the polls because control of Congress is at stake. That’s a 5-point jump for Democrats compared to four years ago — and a 4-point drop for Republicans.


BUT THEN AGAIN: here was the headline on DU on Feb 8, 2012 "Democrats are now more excited about voting this fall than Republicans are"


Am I missing something here?? "Progressives Today" ???? rabid liberals?? Yikes.....

Jim Hoft, the founder and proprietor of The Gateway Pundit, and Kyle Olson, the founder EAGnews.org have joined forces in a new online project “Progressives Today.”

Many Americans who consider themselves left of center have an antiquated sense of today’s Democrat party. This is not their father’s Democratic party. Democrats today are controlled by, and answer to, the most radical elements of their party. Yet, with cover generously provided by the mainstream media, progressives are able to push their influence in the shadows. And they have no shame.

Progressives Today follows and publicly exposes the radical elements of the institutional left. It will be the go to resource for all elements of the progressive movement through old school investigative journalism. We will cover their conferences with undercover reporters, we will interview their leaders, we will follow their writings, teachings, social media presence. Our goal is to finally hold the left accountable for their radical opinions, their destructive policies and their dangerous anti-American agenda.

One of the goals of PT, in addition to simply exposing progressives, is to expose their views to moderates and Democrats so that a choice must be made. It is our strong belief that, Progressives Today will cause many on the left to re-evaluate their political alliances.


Can anyone give any information on the 8th Judicial District in Wisconsin......

Is it quite republican? Or is it more democratic in their views......Judge Peter Diltz...... Anyone know him? I'm Just curious. thank you.

Ok, pick your favorites for the British Open.....

I'm going with Rory......he's in first right now, but as we all know, he'll choke. Dang it.... I want him to win this one. and screw Tiger.... JMHO.

Chris Dodd Warns Of Coalition Between Populist Democrats And Republicans....

WTH is this??

The rise of anti-corporate conservatives is a significant threat to the American banking establishment, according to former Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), who warned a gathering of Beltway centrists on Tuesday about a potentially formidable coalition between hard-line banking critics in both parties.

"'Crony capitalism' is not a word just used by the left anymore. There's a new right emerging in the country which is as hostile, in my view, to financial services, as many on the left have been over the years," Dodd told an audience at a Bipartisan Policy Center event Tuesday.

The forum was focused on ways to improve the Dodd-Frank Act, the sweeping 2010 financial reform law that Dodd co-authored with former Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.). Reopening the law for tweaks and adjustments, Dodd said, could open a "Pandora's box" that "could produce some very, very different results politically than I think people assume might be the case."

Dodd didn't specify what those different results might be, but there are only so many ways that hardcore conservatives and true-blue Democrats can team up while still being, to use Dodd's word, "hostile" to banking. On the Senate Banking Committee, Sens. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) and David Vitter (R-La.) have proposed legislation to break up the nation's largest banks.

Later in the speech, Dodd argued that the 2010 financial reform law had in fact ended the "too big to fail" banking phenomenon, which, if true, would obviate any need to break them up.

"Despite what critics claim about them being larger than ever, the fact is that the banks, knowing that the notion of 'too big to fail' is a thing of the past, have slowed their growth," Dodd said.


Watching Stephen Colbert....Al Gore DID invent the internet!!!!!

Just watched my taped version of Stephen Colbert from last night...... and Vintage Serf said so.


Good show.... Anyone see it????

Hey, I'm watching the All Star Game.....4 Brewers playing....

Come on National league......

Another woman singer.......Sheena Easton....007 loved her.

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