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a kennedy

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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 11:02 PM
Number of posts: 21,753

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I can't wait until I can change my avatar......not sure what I'll have now.....

Any ideas??? Not gonna miss my turd pile.

Popular vote for President in MINNESOTA.......

Kanye West IND, 7,758 you have got to be fawking kidding me. 7,758 people voted for him???

Joe Biden D 1,682,567

Donald Trump R / Inc. 1,453,221

Anyone brave enough to check out faux noise this morning??

Just canít do it today.

1:12 CST. OUTTA HERE.......the pessimist is leaving.

Hope when I wake tomorrow, I see Hillary wins!!!!!! Oh wait, itís 4 years later, and thatís right, THE SAME ORANGE PIECE OF SHIT WINS AGAIN. I hope Wisconsin comes to its senses and goes to Joe/Kamala. 🙏🏻


ya know just asking, seeing as though, or may-be I might have been wrong, thinking there was going to be a FAWKING BLUE WAVE. Why is this election coming down to two/three states??? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE???

So who's gonna stay awake all night for the results to come in???

I gotta say Iím getting very tired.....I swear I thought this would have been in the bag already, Presidency, and Senate, the end of orange cluster FAWK. Guess not, DAMN.

and this year??? FAWK early voters eh?? Ugh. Don't mean a thing really.

Ooooooooooops there I am again being pessimistic.

Ok, some here are not going to like this......WHAT THE FAWK IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY???

I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS ELECTION.........can not believe heís, the orange piece of shit is ........ I canít even bring myself to say it.......

Just for a for instance....Dems take the Senate lose The Presidency.........

Could that be a good thing???

and oh my gawd, IT REALLY IS A HORSE RACE.......

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