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a kennedy

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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 11:02 PM
Number of posts: 21,279

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Just watched my Dvr'd copy of Conan OBrien with Michelle Obama!!!!!!!!

She looks fantastic and so beautiful, and my husband said she looks younger!!!!!!! Did anyone else see her??

Well, it's the first day of Autumn and my male yellow finches have lost all their yellow

feathers. Always love spring when they GET their mating dress........ now summer is over. *sigh*.

Curious.....what were Hillary's poll numbers at this time in 2016?????

similar to Joeís? or way up, or way behind......I donít remember. I know I didnít feel like tRump was going to win, I went to bed knowing Hillary was going to win.

Have seen quite a few pro tRump advertisements, and they all have mentioned "Joe Biden is to weak

to leadĒ. So thatís the key phrase, ďto weak to leadĒ.

Did I miss the huge financial news??? Or is it still gonna be revealed???

Ok, I'm starting to get a tad nervous about all the gawd damn tRump signs I'm seeing......

my Main Street has a lot of $18.00 Biden/Harris signs on our ďMain StreetĒ. The $18.00 signs were bought by our little Democratic Party in a town of less then 400 citizens. Lots of these Biden/Harris signs but, there are a lot of tRump signs as well. And on another site Iíve mentioned that Iíve dropped a friendship from our favorite and helpful neighbor BECAUSE HEíS A VETERAN, and a tRump supporter.

Well, I just saw my 1st Halloween advertisement.....Reeses.

Kinda disappointed with my Green Bay Packer neighbor fan........

I didnít talk to him since my Packers beat the Vikings, so I just said to him today, hey, that was a blast beating the Vikings Sunday eh?? He goes no, Iím not a fan of football anymore, ya know being an old veteran here, Iím just not for disrespecting the flag. I said ok, Iíll talk to ya later then, and I just walked away. Damn it.......now I canít even talk football with my neighbors, I knew politics were out, and NOW FOOTBALL???
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