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a kennedy

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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 11:02 PM
Number of posts: 21,271

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Well, I just saw my 1st Halloween advertisement.....Reeses.

Kinda disappointed with my Green Bay Packer neighbor fan........

I didnít talk to him since my Packers beat the Vikings, so I just said to him today, hey, that was a blast beating the Vikings Sunday eh?? He goes no, Iím not a fan of football anymore, ya know being an old veteran here, Iím just not for disrespecting the flag. I said ok, Iíll talk to ya later then, and I just walked away. Damn it.......now I canít even talk football with my neighbors, I knew politics were out, and NOW FOOTBALL???

What time frame do you consider a nap.......from 15 minutes to 2.5 hours.....

and if and when you do nap how long is it for???

Rachel is talking about the FAWKING HYSTERECTOMIES AT ICE DETENTION CAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT THE FAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMGAWD........we were watching the TV show "Decades"

and there were the Lettermen SINGING BEATLES SONGS!!!!! Hard days night, she loves you yeah, yeah, yeah, and and I was so shocked forgot what the third one was. The Letterman singing the Beatles.

Green Bay Packers stayed in the locker room for both anthems......


Need help.....not life or death, but would appreciate help.....

Saw a video of a dog that was with 3 other dogs being the ham of the group......I cried I was laughing so hard, I sent it to my husband on Facebook messenger and he never got it. Am trying to find it again and of course I canít find it. Help.....has anyone seen it. Thanks. It was of a dog being the ham of the group, four dogs in all.

"We lost the fat man and we're running lean".......

OMGOSH....itís a Seinfeld episode......the JFK golf clubs....Kramer is after Elaineís JFKís golf clubs. I do love Seinfeld.

Curious: how long should a scan for malware spyware etc take??


need an antivirus for my mac's and iPads........any good ones available??

my mail is being hacked......lots of spam mail. Not sure what to do......thanks.
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