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a kennedy

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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 11:02 PM
Number of posts: 21,279

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Tamron Hall's tv show starts today on ABC at 3:00 CST


and now, I want the skin flint from Russia to beat Nadal.......

I know he's made a name for himself at the US Open, but he said it was a stupid thing to do, and that he loves NY. I want him to win.......he's a string bean.

Serena playing for US Open Championship........

this Canadian is only 19 years old and giving Serena a run for the money. Serena has played her just a while ago, was losing and retired because of a back problem.........I'm thinking Serena is not going to come out victorious today. Got a real sinking feeling. Just want Serena to win so bad.

On Rachel's show........HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE????

military planes STOPPING IN A SCOTLAND COMMERCIAL AIRPORT TO REFUEL??? HOW IS THAT ALLOWED???? WTF??? And the military is not responding to inquiries and requests. WTF???

Ok, now i'm really mad....the Ave Marie to sell a kids drum set from Amazon???


Anyone watching Roger and Dimitrov match??? Insane.....

Insane......come on Roger.

Was just thinking about the anchor woman for the US Open saying the similarities

between roger and Serena. There are similarities, but it really bothered me. Yes they were close in age when they started playing tennis, when they turned pro and how many titles they have earned, Serena does have more, BUT she GAVE BIRTH TO A BABY FOR GAWD SAKE!!!!!!! Just thought I put that out there.

OMGAWD the Bahamas.....

OMGAWD........ Will be sending my normal political contribution to the Red Cross.

OMGOSH......just saw Keith Olberman on ESPN......

Probably should post this in sports. Was just so happy to see him.... is he back? on ESPN I mean? Damn I miss him on MSNBC. He's part of ESPN'S 40 year anniversary. Wish he'd come back to MSNBC to talk about the shit going on with tRump.

American women are dropping out of the USOpen......

Taylor Townsend is playing the Canadian now.....come on Taylor...
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