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a kennedy

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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 11:02 PM
Number of posts: 21,248

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Ugh......done watching Nadal, wanted Del Porto to win...

crowd is so behind Nadal....even Tiger. I'll read about it tomorrow.

Feel terrible for the American Male tennis player.......

he's in a quarter final.....and THE STANDS ARE EMPTY.....not empty empty, there are people there but so quiet, and lots of empty seats. He's a good guy.....not sure who he votes for.....but he's the only American Male still standing.....and he needs help and the crowd is not helping him. Not like they helped two American women.

and right on que.....X sherif of Milwaukee......is now on Hannety's BS program....eom.

Three American women are into the Quarters......

Tennis......AND If Madison Keys can win her match..... IT's FOUR AMERICAN WOMEN IN THE QUARTERS!!!!!!! What a story this is.....ALL COLORS!!!!!! shouldn't say it, oh my gosh.....all different shades!!!!! Can we talk about it??? A W E S O M E. USA USA USA. Love it.

Sorry, but does anyone else feel the coverage of the US Open sucks???

Or is it just me?? Ugh.....watching Roger in the first set, with split screen to Del Portos' final set. A SPLIT SCREEN REALLY??? Del Portros needs the full screen, and thank gawd he won, sheesh......a split screen?? NO.

I know I shouldn't say this.....but, what is with Maria's face????

I know, she's an older tennis player and I should never make comments about any woman's features, but, it looks like she has some "tracks" on her face...... Anyone else see it?? What's up with that?? and I'm really sick and tired of the talking heads falling all over her. She's NOT THAT GREAT A PLAYER. ugh...... JMHO

Political affiliation of Sam Quarry????

Tried to find out, not listed that I could find......Isner is playing now, and not rooting for him, as his affiliation is Repub. UGH. I just root for his opponent.
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