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a kennedy

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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 11:02 PM
Number of posts: 21,274

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Ok, let me rephrase this: which is the best item for counting your steps everyday??

Donít want anything to involved or fancy, donít need a phone, just a step counter and possibly a heart monitor. Fitbit?? Or something else.

I just can't stomach his mouth.......and it's not even the FAWKING lies that

always come out of it, itís that shape of his lips when he talks. Iím changing to the Tour de France, or the menís semi final tennis match at Wimbledon.

Now we gotta worry about the newest Senator's Supreme Court vote??


WSOP is on........final table will be determined and winner revealed next Saturday.

Love WSOP.

Ok, national news has latched on to this horrible news......Bryce's arrest records....


Heís not going to win this seat......damn. Heís got to use these arrests to his advantage, or heís done. JMHO.

summer TV REPEATS........

CNNís The Seventies. LOVE IT. and iím Sure itís a repeat.....but itís very interesting.......lived through it, donít remember how I felt for a lot of it.....

Lotís of stuff happened. 😱 😢 🤬

Just a note......CNN and MSNBC. ARE NOT SHOWING the orange blob in Montana......

but if youíd like to watch his shit.....turn on his state tv, faux noise and faux business noise. I checked so you didnít have to.

So, who do you think said "they will know me by shadow"


Ok.....so a lot of my red necked neighbors are flying their American flags......

how bout I fly mine upside down??? Just wanted to put up my happy face flag instead......what do you all think? Upside down American or a smiley face flag?


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