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a kennedy

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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 11:02 PM
Number of posts: 21,278

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I'm gonna start calling Barr, Barrf.......saw that posted someplace, and loved it.

and ok, i'm high....been watching Hannity and now Ingram......love it,

love how Laura always wears her cross....and love how I do not agree with ANYTHING they both say. Just watching for you all, and now iím going to take a shower.

Clinton impeachment.....did Democrats hold both chambers?? House and Senate??

The Gofund me site is starting to bug me.......I did send a contribution to the churches

that were burned, but now, iím Getting a lot of e-mails from them and I donít like it, I did unsubscribe.....so iíll see how it goes now.


What can we do?? Who can we call, where do we demonstrate, what can we do about this whole Barr press conference??

Wow, I am starting to see a ton of African Americans as talking heads on faux noise.....

whatís up with that??? on the panel now on some faux show there were two African American males and two white women..... have NEVER seen two Blacks on one panel at one time.

What has Cher said that the piece of shit Hannity would agree with???

Watching Rachel and when ads come on I switch channels, went to Hannity and heís talking about something Cher said and Hannity was saying who ever would have thought the president and Cher would have this in common. What the hell is that all about??! What did Cher say??

Yikes.....that DU Primaries site is a dog eat dog world.....whew.

I want to know what the hell does this mean???

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