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a kennedy

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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 11:02 PM
Number of posts: 21,278

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Oh for gawd sakes.....Netanyahu Wants Israel To Name New Town On Golan Heights After Trump

The prime minister said ďall Israelis were deeply movedĒ when Trump recognized Israeli sovereignty there.


Joe is RUNNING announcement coming THIS Thursday......He's running.

Just on MSNBC now.

Kirsten Gillibrand is on MSNBC right now......

I just keep thinking IT'S A LONG LONG WAY TO NEXT NOVEMBER......and a lot can happen.

just saying. But, that's why I come here, to get my 2020 fix.

how do we follow them all on line, not individually, but as this group.....to see who's trending

on facebook?? is there a place for it?? Thanks.

Amy K is up first.......

Sheís not getting ANY clapping for her answers........and I donít think sheís really answering their questions.....

why do I have to keep signing in to my DU account on my iPad???

never have to on the iMac, but my iPad I've had to sign in 4 times already today.......anyone else having this problem?? Thanks.

anyone see the Motown 60th anniversary show???

was really good, except the last Stevie Wonder song......I'd say it was pretty boring for the finale. JMHO.

Watching a DVR of Saturday Night Fever.......

Music..... Message...... Money.

I can not believe my husband, who loves Rachel, is so tired of ALL OF THE MUELLER STUFF.....

weíre now watching WPT.....Wisconsin Public Television. Iím sure the public donít care about the Mueller Report and for my husband to say turn the channel........is huge. I know my neighbors donít watch anything political and I do love them.....but I know they have voted for tRump. Most folks DO NOT CARE ABOUT WHAT GOES ON IN WASHINGTON DC.
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