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a kennedy

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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 11:02 PM
Number of posts: 21,257

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Hey the holiday Yule log is back for thanksgiving......

It’s so relaxing......music, kittens, puppies, and of course the fire burning in the fireplace. Ahhhhhhhh, so relaxing, just what my over taxed brain needs......now where’s my mamosa. It’s on the Hallmark movie channel.


and I hope Al Franken can have a good and happy day tomorrow after all this shit has been hitting the fan.

Hooray.....Al Franken topics are down to only 8 threads here on DU.

That’s a good thing....because this morning it was at 30+ Has anything else taken over the discussion or is it just because we’ve said everything we could about him.

Haven't heard from MN other Senator.......Amy Klobuchar.....

wonder what'll she say.......she needs to stand behind him, JMHO.

and then there's this from Lindsey Graham.....

Indeed, some lawmakers seemed to suggest Franken really didn't realize he was doing anything wrong at the time. "If you're doing something you thought was (wrong), you wouldn't take a photo of it," said Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.


I just wish someone with the balls or breasts would stand up for Al Franken.......

so easy to just jump on board, but where and when does it stop. Where are his supporters?? JMHO.

Drink please.......

Just can not handle GD right now.....not watching any news about my Senator Al Franken.

Now heres my vote for President in 2020 if he runs......


Yikes....Miami is killing Notre Dame.....

game is pretty boring really, thought it would be more exciting.

Ok, Im getting really sick of MallWorts awesome songs during their

advertisements. Most of them are favorites of mine, and hate that they’re connected to MallWort.
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