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a kennedy

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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 11:02 PM
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Problem: my e-mail keeps getting "stuck" and I have to turn off the iPad air

To get messages. It's started doing this since the last iPad update. Anyone else having trouble with their mail system? It's like it freezes up and I can't do anything in the mail section until I turn the iPad off. Thank you.

This is interesting.....Texas was not always red.

?w=1024 Yikes, sorry this is such a huge picture.

Oh, and then there's this......the business folk chime in.....

It looks like it's going to be a good day for investors, and an especially good day for Republicans.

Here are the five things you need to know before the opening bell rings in New York:

1. Midterm election results: CNN projections show Republicans won the balance of power in both the Senate and the House.
This gives the GOP control of Congress and the power to pin down President Obama during his last two years in office. Many investors expect that the Republican takeover of the Senate will lead to more pro-business policies, and benefit the energy and financial sectors.
U.S. stock futures were pushing higher before the open

2. Earnings and economics: Time Warner (TWC), Tim Hortons (THI) and Mondelez International (MDLZ) are set to post quarterly results before the opening bell.
Tesla Motors (TSLA), CBS (CBS), News Corp (NWS) and Whole Foods (WFM) will report after the close.
Shares in TripAdvisor (TRIP) are getting pummeled premarket -- down 12% -- after the travel website reported worse than expected earnings Tuesday. Competitor Priceline (PCLN, Tech30) also took a beating in the market earlier this week after issuing a weak forecast.
On the economics side, the ADP national employment report for October will be published at 8:15 a.m. ET. This comes just ahead of Friday's highly anticipated monthly jobs report from the U.S. government.

3. European market movers: European markets were all rising in early trading.
A stand-out performer was British grocery chain Marks and Spencer (MAKSY). The company reported better than expected earnings and shares shot up by 8%.
Meanwhile, Rolls-Royce (RYCEY) shares were edging down by about 1% in London, a day after the company said it was cutting 2,600 staff and appointing a new finance chief.
4. Asian market movers: Shares in Japan's Softbank (SFTBF) declined by 2.3% after the telecom company slashed its earnings expectations for the year, based on its investment in Sprint (S). The struggling U.S. carrier said this week it's laying off 2,000 people, after posting another quarter of massive losses.
Shares in Japanese automaker Nissan (NSANY) got a 2% boost after it reported better than expected quarterly results. The weaker yen has helped, making it cheaper for foreigners to buy its cars.


Assembly Republicans win largest majority in 50+ years. Yikes, guess this says it all.....

The Republican Assembly Campaign Committee (RACC) is proud to announce that Wisconsin voters have overwhelmingly supported conservative Assembly candidates across the state. The result is the strongest GOP majority in the Assembly since 1957.
“Voters clearly want lower taxes and less government,” said Jennifer Toftness, Executive Director, RACC. “Republicans have a strong mandate to lead the Assembly and the state of Wisconsin.”
When the Wisconsin State Assembly returns in January, Assembly Republicans will hold 63 seats. The GOP won 15 of the open Assembly seats and beat three Democratic incumbents. Representative-elect Romaine Quinn (R-Rice Lake) defeated Rep. Stephen Smith (D-Shell Lake), Representative-elect Nancy Vander Meer defeated Rep. Amy Sue Vruwink (D-Milladore), and Representative-elect Dave Heaton defeated Rep. Mandy Wright (D-Wausau).
Every Republican incumbent won re-election and GOP candidates captured every open seat held by a Republican last session.
“I couldn’t be more proud of the hard work of every candidate, campaign worker and volunteer,” said Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester). “This was a conservative team victory lead by Governor Walker that should be celebrated across the state.”
“We are truly humbled by the amazing Republican turnout and the widespread support from voters in these unprecedented victories,” Speaker Vos added. “We look forward to passing our conservative agenda and delivering on our campaign promises of growing the economy and reforming government.”
The inauguration of the 102nd Wisconsin State Legislature is January 5, 2015.

Then they have the gawd d*mn balls to end this stupid *ss statement with a Vince Lombardi quote..... “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” Vince Lombardi

Give me a bucket, I'm gonna hurl......

Is it really about the POTUS being black......really?

I just despise turtle man...... I'm just sick, pissed off and not watching ANY election coverage. and I pray for my country. So all the record turn out is for the wrong guys and women. D*MN IT.

CNN is calling it for turtle man!!!!!


Chuck Toad is guest on Stephen Colbert 's show tonight....


Angie Harmon, Jason Sehorn split after 13 years

Actress Angie Harmon and her former NFL player hubby Jason Sehorn are calling it quits.

The split is amicable, People reports, with a statement from Harmon's rep that says: "For the sake of their children, they ask for respect and privacy as they navigate this time in their lives," her rep says. The split was confirmed to USA TODAY.

Harmon, who stars in the TNT drama Rizzoli & Isles, and Sehorn have three daughters: Finley, 11, Avery, 9, and Emery, 5.

Two years ago, Harmon spoke to YourTango.com about the challenges of juggling marriage and work. Her show films in Los Angeles, but the family's home base in Charlotte, N.C.
"We don't get out Friday nights early enough to catch a flight home," Harmon said. "We sometimes meet in Texas, a 2˝ hour flight for both of us. I miss my kids, so it's hard, but my children are so understanding."

She also said of marriage: "You have to be really considerate of each other, really kind to each other. It's a lot of work, really."

But it looks like she had a Happy Halloween.


Congressional GOP candidates are cashing more checks signed by Wall Street than ever before.

Well, this stinks.....

A record 63% of the political contributions from employees and corporations in the banking and investment sectors went to Republicans this election cycle, according to data from the Center for Responsive politics. It's the largest dollar figure ($78 million) and percent for the GOP in any midterm election.

The donations are likely based on a bet that Republicans have the best shot at victory on Tuesday.

"You want to be with the winner," said Dorsey Farr, co-founder of French Wolf & Farr, an investment advisory firm in Atlanta. "A lot of times you'll see companies give to both parties. If they see the tide turning, they'll go with the flow."

The figures don't include money channeled through political action committees, which have played an increasingly prevalent role in campaign finance in recent years.
But the boosted election expenditures from the financial world this time around also have to do with the fact that the Democratic Party has turned up the heat on Wall Street since the financial crisis.

"Democrats are just more of the regulatory party," said Ray La Raja, a political science professor at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst, adding that they used to be more amenable to the things Wall Street cared about.

"In the past bankers could work with any party. Now, all things equal, they'd rather work with Republicans," he claimed.

But beyond the strategic calculations, there's also a philosophical element, with many on Wall Street having grown tired of being punished for their industry's past deeds.
Almost all of the major banks have paid out unprecedented multi-billion settlements in recent years for their role leading up to the financial meltdown.

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