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a kennedy

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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 11:02 PM
Number of posts: 21,266

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Anyone see the new feel good Monsanto advertisement?

TV Commercial Spot - Monsanto Dinner's Ready - Dig Into The Conversation


Twelve Scenic Webcams That Will Transport You to Winter Wonderlands

12 beautiful reasons to really enjoy winter.... or not.


Why not have the Dems just change their name??

who could come up with a better term or name then the Democratic party?? If they change the name to something that appeals to those who don't vote, may-be that would help?? Like when the Whig party died....why not the Democratic party?? Or is this just way out of the question?

By chance I ventured over to C-SPIN to see if congress Is Back in session.....

Yup to both chambers.....John Cornyn is already babbling about the medical device tax.....blah blah blah, and bipartisan support...... I just turned the tv off and thought, d*mn, I'm not going to be able to watch either body for the next two years starting in January. I did pop over there at times to hear my government at work, now, it's out of the question. I won't want to hear all the hot air, and BS coming from the majority party in both houses.

Well this just corks my arse......ugh Wanker talking about election and Jay Cutler....

After this past week, I still have more wins in WI than Jay Cutler. #GoPackGo


Woohoo the World Series of Poker the final nine starts tonight

Love this..... winner gets 10 million dollars after all said and done. 7 days of poker non stop. Texas hold em' it starts in July, and then the final nine players are set, they come back in November and play poker until one person is left standing. I'm in a ladies poker club, we play nickel dime games, meet once a month, have been doing it for over 20 years....and it's a blast.

Now this really made me laugh......'Yes, we can' stitch America together again: Column

Then I thought, IS this what we're really up against?? Really?? Did the voters REALLY vote because they want this type of society?? OMG.....it really isn't funny then.

The GOP wave proves the country is ready to return to its political and moral principles.

It's official; the 2014 midterm election was a wave. Americans are waving good-bye to Obama's and the left's failed policies.

And, in turn, they are waiving a hopeful hello back to common sense, decency and freedom. At the heart of the extreme liberal agenda is to remove God and His standards from all aspects of our lives. This extremism was on display at the 2012 Democrat National Convention in Charlotte, NC when the party's extremist intentionally removed God from the party platform and then proceeded to "boo" Him back in under political scrutiny.

After the left's victories in 2012, they continued implementing their socialist healthcare scheme. They executed their anti-family policies by executive and judicial fiat, racking up incomprehensible debt with no regard for the next generation. They trampled on religious liberty by forcing unnatural sexuality on our states, on our businesses, on our children, on our restrooms and on or pulpits. They hyped up their claims of a "war on women" in order to continue the funding of their baby-killing mill Planned Parenthood.

Thank God the good citizens of our great land recognized this intentional attempt to crumble the pillars that made this country great. They flat out rejected the extremism of the left that shows no regard for the "laws of Nature and of Nature's God." Our founders, like John Adams, are quoted as saying, "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." This election proves America still believes and embraces this fundamental parameter to freedom.

Thus, the American people waved good-bye to a failed approach and are waving hello to a better one.

Now, it's time to lead. The time is now to repudiate the left's agenda, their policies and activist courts. As America said, "yes," to different candidates, now the new officeholders should say, "yes," to America through their leadership.

Yes, repeal Obamacare and truly reform healthcare based on private market principles and best medical practices.


Need a snappy NOT snarky reply to my repubs "friends", having a birthday lunch today....

and I'd like to be positive, and not let them know that I'M really just still sick, any ideas?? Thank you.

on Keith's show last night he showed a quik pic of Caroline and Serena at the Knicks game......


Looked like they were having a good time.

Wish Keith could have said something about the election...... miss him on politics. *sigh* but, at least I get to watch him on his sports show.

Hope this is a better picture:

67 % voting turn out in La Crosse county....

D*mn..... Wisconsin is f*cked. Total control by repubs of EVERYTHING.
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