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a kennedy

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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 11:02 PM
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WHY should it matter IF he IS a business man.....LIKE THAT BEHAVIOR IS OK

FOR A BUSINESS MAN????? Give me a break.

ha ha......here are some responses regarding Megyn Kelly's performance last night......

Megyn Kelly should leave FOX and go to msnbc where she belongs with rachel.

Isn't she awful? As much as it pained me I switched to FBN with Neil
Cavuto with Lou Dobbs. She looks like she is looking in a mirror making sure her expressions is just right. She hates Trump because he didn't fall for her "woman" bs.

I loved her when she first got her show but good grief, she is so full of herself now and she has disdain for trump.....she doesn't belong on fox. I can hear people bashing him on any other network. I need one news network who is my peeps.

you guys can have her.....she will turn on anyone....typical lib

These are from a FB page of a raving tRump supporter.....a very educated and smart white woman in her 60's.

15 minutes.....on a 1 to 10 what are their numbers????

just curious.....

Oh goodie, we get to see the screamer "Maria", in April.....her ban was reduced

to only 9 months.....

I know, the one percenters game......but pretty happy the Ryder Cup is back on US soil.

Love how the players played for the USA team.....great golf today.....anyone watch it??
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