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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 14,808

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Ruth Bader Ginsberg is going to be on Stephen Colbert tonight. 3-21-18

Newley elected Doug Jones from Alabama giving his maiden speech

C-SPAN now.

Hmmmmmm possible new name for Democratic POTUS for 2020???

Mitch Landrieu isn’t, for the moment, getting ready to run for president. But that’s not stopping the Democrat who led the rebuilding of New Orleans from speaking out against institutional racism and what he calls the “nightmare loop” that links Donald Trump to David Duke.

With a media tour for his new book, “In the Shadow of Statues” (out Tuesday), and after headlining this month’s media-fest Gridiron Dinner in Washington, Landrieu knows he’s kept people talking. Monday night on “The Daily Show,” he smiled through a long burst of applause when Trevor Noah pitched him on 2020. Ridiculous as he and everyone around him knows it is to think about a New Orleans mayor making a serious bid for the White House, they also see the unique profile he’d have in a huge Democratic field concentrated on the coasts — the white Southern liberal who loves wrestling and musical theater, and looks like he could blend right in at a Trump rally.

Barack Obama has taken note of Landrieu’s record as mayor and a speech he gave last year on removing Confederate monuments. The former president has said privately that he could see the appeal of a bald white guy from Louisiana talking up progressive politics in a Cajun accent. Though Obama is far from signing up, some notable players in his orbit are daydreaming of finding the next unlikely superstar and making it happen.


gotta give it to her.......although the Green Party is somewhat of a hindrance.

A local activist, student and Dakota community leader announced her candidacy for the Wisconsin Senate District 31.

Aaron Camacho, director of the Winona Dakota Unity Alliance and student representative with the Winona Human Rights Commission, lives in Fountain City and announced her candidacy Tuesday.

Camacho, who is running as a Green Party candidate, said in her announcement that the legacy of environmentalism in Wisconsin was something that spurred her to run for office.


Remember the affluenza arse??? Hes getting out on April 2nd.

A 20-year-old who as a teenager used an “affluenza” defense regarding a drunken-driving wreck that killed four people is set to be released April 2.


and damn it Im starting to enjoy some of these advertisements.....

THEY ARE TINY MOVIES....our brains have developed so fast we can watch tiny movies in what, how long? 10seconds?? really?? How many ad’s are there between quarters, halves, minutes?? For ever!!!!! Now we have to decide what trophies they get.....so much going on. Tiger back at it....NCAA....just a lot of sports stuff.

Venus semi finals......

is really on her game, playing the 20 year old Russian, Kasatkina. Virus is what??? 37??.

They are going to count the absentee ballots from Washington county TONIGHT

Have asked this before...whats the difference, if there IS a difference between a Blue Dog

Democrat and a Republican Democrat......or is a Republican Democrat just a new term for a Blue Dog Dem.

Now this is going a tad far isnt it?? Bruno Mars is not Black enough to

be singing the style he’s singing??? Or did I misunderstand what’s being said here. I LOVE BRUNO MARS.


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