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a kennedy

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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 11:02 PM
Number of posts: 16,599

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Well Kathy Griffin is still on the outs with CNN......just saw an advertisement

for New Years Eve with Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper......


Ok, I want this Irish Singer to sing at my funeral

has Rachel even taken a break???

She is really soaking this Mueller/Flynn memo to the fullest. and really she should.....she always has the best experts to dissect the topic.

Jon Tester??? On Rachel's show.....

Ok, what is that 5 O'clock shadow beard thing lotsa men are wearing these days???

and I will admit some men do look pretty hot showing that look. OTHERS not so much......what is the look called??

12 Angry Men......

One movie Iíll watch over and over.......great actors, and a fantastic premis for a movie.....theyíre all in ONE ROOM.

Anyone think Tim Scott might be in danger???

Ok......we're all on a WORLD WIDE TV SHOW!!!!!!

not kidding.......tv, movies, news, sports.....ITís all been scripted. Kidding.

Might have mentioned this before.....lotsa great music being played in the MallWort Ads.....

damn....not really watching the tv, and then great music comes on....I run to catch it..and find out ITíS A MALLWORT advertisement.

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewat???

I really donít think they really like each other......or is it just me???

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