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Gender: Female
Hometown: Illinois
Member since: Tue May 25, 2004, 12:11 AM
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The Disturbing Evolution Of 'Lock Her Up'

'The Disturbing Evolution Of 'Lock Her Up'

Last week, I did a reading for my new book at a local bookstore. After finishing the program, we opened it up to the audience. The first question came from an older white gentleman who rose from his seat in the back and marched to the front of the room.

He had a piece of paper in his hand, which he brandished for the rest of the crowd. On it was a photocopy of a Facebook post in which I had praised Hillary Clinton as “the president of my heart."

The man, by now trembling with rage, began to cite a litany of what he considered to be Clinton’s sins (her support for the Iraq War, her role in the invasion of Libya, etc.) “How black is your heart?” he growled at me.

He turned and stomped back to his seat before I could answer, muttering, “And that’s why I voted for Trump!”


- Many of the thoughts I've had bubbling in the back of my mind, written much better than I could. -

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LGBTQ advocates to protest Pence visit to Kansas City

LGBTQ advocates in Kansas City, Mo., are planning protest Vice President Pence's visit to the city this week.

The alternative rock station KRBZ tweeted Monday that it would throw "The Mike Pence Sausage Fest" across the street from where the vice president is expected to deliver remarks on Wednesday.

"Mike Pence is coming to Kansas City this Wednesday," the station tweeted.

"Pence is no fan of the LGBTQ+ community, and we're no fan of his. So we're throwing The Mike Pence Sausage Fest across the street at Barney Allis Plaza starting at 11a. Stop by and get a free hot dog while we have them!" the tweet continued.


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