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Gender: Female
Hometown: Illinois
Member since: Mon May 24, 2004, 11:11 PM
Number of posts: 13,733

Journal Archives

Did you know you could have the Flu AND Pneumonia

At the same time?

Lucky me.

Guess what I saw on the news after I was diagnosed: Influenza B is on the way back. Now they tell me.

Wash those hands!


Mona Charen coming up on MSNBC

Just announced 12:00 p.m. EDT Sunday

Will be discussing her appearance at CPAC

Should be interesting....

OMG! Katy Tur has the BEST smile on her face!

Filling in for Chuck Todd on MTP on MSNBC.

This is a great day for her!

Check in if you donated to celebrate HRC's birthday!

I just did!

Happy Birthday Secretary Clinton!!!

With that first answer,

IT'S OVER!!!!!!

They're going to try to de-legitimize the Electoral College next

Do I have proof? No.

Do they have any other options? Not really.


1. Donate what you can
2. Phone bank, knock on doors, write letters
3. Support all downticket candidates so we can give Hillary a Democratic Congress and Governors!

We have 101 days, let's get to work!

Feel free to add yours!

***Please know I'm not really ordering anyone, just wanted to spread some motivation.***

I love having a DVR

I have been able to relive all of President Obama's best lines over and over!

I'll be done at 2 a.m., lol!

What an outstanding speech! I don't want it to end!

Best. President. Ever.

What more can be said?

Other than I will miss him dearly.

Love me some Joe!!

I kinda hope they heckle him because he will have a great comeback.

Video is great!
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