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louis c

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Boston
Home country: USA
Current location: Boston
Member since: Fri May 14, 2004, 05:52 PM
Number of posts: 8,652

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My Theory on Why John McCain Acted as He Did

Let's look at the health care votes that Senator McCain took and his actions before and after the votes.

John McCain was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. He certainly is facing his own mortality. Say what you will about McCain, but he certainly is a proud man.

If Senator McCain remained is Arizona, there most likely would not have been a vote. His absence would have caused a 50 to 49 vote against procedure. McCain returned to Washington to tie that vote at 50 to 50 and let Pence break that tie.

Donald Trump, the draft dodger from the very war McCain was a POW (and hero) in. That piece of shit said that McCain was no war hero. He "got captured". "I prefer the men who didn't get captured". This was not just a personal insult to John McCain, but to every one of the captives he spent 5 years in captivity with.

Senator McCain set this dramatic "fuck you" to Donald Trump like a maestro. He voted to proceed and was called a hero by President Trump. McCain voted in favor of both the Senate Bill and the Repeal only bill. Of course, in both instances, his vote was meaningless. He was setting them all up for the kill. He played coy. No one knew how he would vote on the "skinny repeal". He appeared at a press conference with his pal Lindsey Graham, knowing full well that Graham would vote for the "skinny repeal". This created the assumption that McCain would most likely do the same. After all, he voted with McConnell on each bill up to this point.

But McCain was setting Trump up for the kill. He waited until all the Republicans voted. His was the only vote that mattered. He made Pence beg. then, rather than a dramatic thumbs down gesture, John McCain gave the middle finger to Trump. He set them up, things fell just as he thought they would and he got to say "FUCK YOU" to the biggest piece of shit that ever held public office in this country.

He can now go to his grave knowing that he got his full measure of revenge. The fact that he did the right thing in the process is only an ancillary benefit.

The fact that War Hero, long time Senator John McCain got to stick it up the ass of a 5 time draft dodging piece of shit was McCain's true motive, and nobody will convince me differently.

Two Parts of Obamacare I Don't Understand...........

What happened to the "death panels"?

If Obamacare was supposed to be a "job killer", why did we have 66 months of positive job growth since its passage?

Just wondering.

Connect the Dots: Taliban Kill Americans, Russia Supplies Guns to Taliban.................

Russia conspires with Trump Campaign to Elect Trump President.

Treason, Anyone?


An Incoherent President Trump

<snip>Here’s Trump talking about health insurance: “Because you are basically saying from the moment the insurance, you’re 21 years old, you start working and you’re paying $12 a year for insurance, and by the time you’re 70, you get a nice plan.”

That is a near-unintelligible description of, I think, life insurance. A man hell-bent on repealing Obamacare doesn’t seem to have any clue how health care works.

Here’s Trump talking about Napoleon, whose tomb he visited during his recent trip to Paris: “His one problem is he didn’t go to Russia that night because he had extracurricular activities, and they froze to death.”

This sounds like an answer to an essay question about Napoleon that might appear on a sixth-grader’s history exam.<snip.>


Piece of Shit Sean Hannity Pulled From W.F. Buckley Award

<snip>Fox News Channel star anchor Sean Hannity will no longer receive the conservative Media Research Center's William F. Buckley Award for Media Excellence at its September 21 gala, sources familiar with the situation tell CNN.

Buckley, the founder of the National Review, who died in 2008, was hailed in his day as "arguably the most important public intellectual in the United States." Giving an award in his name to Hannity -- a pugnacious talk radio host who has shared conspiracy theories on his popular cable news show -- had caused hand wringing among some conservatives.

It also caused distress among Buckley's family -- in particular his only child, best-selling author Christopher Buckley.

A source familiar with the situation tells CNN that Christopher Buckley "expressed great dismay" at the announcement that the award would go to Hannity, who has spent a great deal of time insulting conservative intellectuals on Twitter, particularly since he became a strong supporter of Donald Trump.<snip>


Prediction----Gerald R. Pence------Our 46th President

Here's my prediction:

This inquiry into the legality of pardons is not some academic exercise by that fucking nit-wit Donald Trump. He's making these inquiries because he knows what's coming down the pike.

He doesn't know one way or another whether or not he can pardon himself, and he can't leave it to chance.

Trump can't take the chance that his son-in-law and his off spring can face criminal charges. He will not, under any circumstances, release sensitive financial information about his businesses or his taxes. He knows he has to pardon Manafort, Flynn and many others who may turn informant to save themselves.

Trump will pardon dozens of people, including family and close associates, all in one day. Then, he will resign with the understanding that Pence pardons him.

I can just hear Pence now, "our long national nightmare is over".

Wouldn't August 9th be a nice day for that?

2018 will be a Republican, political bloodbath and Pence will be replaced in 2020 by a Democrat.

Maybe 43 years from now the Navy will name an aircraft carrier after Pence, too

Is the Irony of Trump Commissioning the USS Gerald R. Ford Lost on Anyone?

Trump is speaking at the commissioning of the aircraft carrier named after the only President to Pardon a President.

The Irony is surely not lost on me.

Did You Ever Say "Pardon Me" Without Doing Anything Wrong?

You know, like inadvertently bumping into someone or interrupting while someone speaks.

Why would anyone need to be pardoned for anything if they did nothing wrong?

Seeking, or speaking about the granting of a Pardon, is an admission of guilt, plain and simple.

"Hindsight is 2020: America, Don't Make the Same Mistake Again

How's that for a bumper sticker?

Anyone can have the idea, just make sure it's printed at a union shop.

Message to John McCain: No Need to Rush Back, Senator

Rest in Arizona.

I didn't vote for you, but you are a decent man and, no matter what that piece of shit in the White House says, you are truly a hero.

Get well and rest. Trump no longer needs your vote.
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