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louis c

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Boston
Home country: USA
Current location: Boston
Member since: Fri May 14, 2004, 04:52 PM
Number of posts: 8,652

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Trump and Pence Staffs are Fueding

By Anita Kumar

[email protected]


<snip>Republicans are growing concerned that the staffs of Donald Trump and Mike Pence are starting to feud, the latest trouble to hit a White House that has spent months battling crisis after crisis.

They worry that any rift could be delaying decisions, distracting aides from their already stalled legislative agenda and could lead to more infighting and leaks, problems that have plagued the White House since Inauguration Day.

A half-dozen Republicans, including four who advised or worked for Trump’s campaign or transition and are still in contact with their former colleagues, said they think the two sides are talking less, disagreeing more and occasionally bad mouthing each others’ bosses. One said the staffs are “walled off” from each other. Several of the Republicans asked to not speak publicly because of the sensitivity of the situation. <snip>

Read more here: Link: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/nation-world/national/article159164854.html

There is such a thing as "death panels"

They're called life-time caps.

If someone is very ill with a serious or terminal disease, such as cancer, what's the difference between an insurance policy that no longer provides coverage and a sentence of death?

Ins. Co.'s Offer Policies Across State Lines, More Competition and Lower Premiums

The answer is: Government Option

Link for Results in Georgia CD 6

After searching around for a pretty good link to watch the results in the all important Georgia sixth, I have found this NY Times count of the actual vote and the projection.

This is still up in the air as of 8:30


Dems are Great at Phylosophy, but Suck at Math. Reps are the Opposite (confessions from 1968)

I was 16 years old in 1968, but politically active from birth. My Father (God rest his soul) was an administrative assistant for US Senator Ed Brooke, the first African American Senator elected since reconstruction.

I was actually tutored in politics by a former Mayor in my home town who was black listed in the early 50's for his left wing politics, hence my more left leaning philosophy than my Moderate-Republican Dad (1960's Moderate, like Dirksen, Percy, Elliot Richardson, etc.; Republicans that are quickly becoming extinct).

I knocked on doors for Eugene McCarthy and was against the Viet-Nam war. My mentor was a delegate to the Democratic Convention in Chicago. Hubert Humphrey represented the status quo. I know I couldn't vote, but after Humphrey's nomination, I railed against the "rigged" system that nominated him and said that there was no difference between Humphrey and Nixon.

Remember, this was 1968, and divisions in the party and the nation were much deeper than even today. Riots, assassinations, demonstrations with a million people were the norm.

How wrong I was about that moral equivalency. Nixon's supreme court appointments and his basic philosophy were abhorrent for what I stood for. If there was no Nixon, there probably would have been no Reagan. A Democratic, Progressive President, like Humphrey, with an overwhelming Democratic majority in the House and Senate would have made sweeping changes It wasn't until about 1984 that I realized the error of my ways. I know, what difference does a young man of only 16 years old make politically in the whole scheme of things. but I wasn't alone, my mentor felt the same way and my older contemporaries (voting age was 21 at the time) who could vote all agreed. A vast majority of them sat out the election of 1968, and Nixon won by a whisker.

As a result, my philosophy was an "A" but my math was an "F".

I'm afraid a lot of people, young and old, will come to the same conclusion in about 10 or 15 years for their action in 2016. In health care and strengthened workers rights and civil rights. It would have had a profound positive affect on me and my future.

Let's face the facts. When the Democrats are left with the final choice of two candidates, too many of us are willing to vote for some obscure third party, write in or sit out. The Repukes are more reluctant to do that.

Let's look at today's facts. A clear majority of the general public agrees with our basic Democratic Philosophy on every major issue. Common sense laws on gun ownership, gay rights, workers' rights, income inequality, civil rights, women's rights, health care, immigration, and the list goes on.

How is it that we can be on the right side of almost every major issue, but lose every political category? The Republicans control the Presidency, the Supreme Court, the US Senate, the US House of Representatives, the Governorships and a vast majority of Sate Legislatures.

The only way these two facts can exist simultenacely, in my opinion, is we are great at philosophy, but we suck at math.

James Hodgkinson, the DC Shooter, Has Himself to Blame for Electing Trump

James Hodgkinson was obsessed with his hatred for Donald Trump. He was consumed by it. Yet, he has himself, and others who voted like him, to blame.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not accusing people who voted like him as being as crazy as him, but he should have been more upset with himself than with others.

You see, James posted on his face book page his support for Jill Stein in the General Election. It is my contention that voters who hate Trump, but left the General Election ballot blank for President, or voted minor party, or wrote in a name, those are the voters responsible for electing Donald Trump President.

Republicans voted for Trump in the General Election because it was the one chance in a generation to control every branch of government. They knew the 9th vote in the Supreme Court would shape this nation for decades. I don't blame them. They voted in their own best interests, even though I disagree with their policies.

No, it was voters like James Hodgkinson who voted against their own best interests who sunk themselves, and us with them. They're to blame.

<snip>•Last year, the Facebook page offered messages of opposition to “Lying, Cheating Hillary” who he says “stole” the Democratic primary from Sen. Bernie Sanders. His Facebook page encouraged followers to either vote for third-party candidate Jill Stein or to write in Sanders in the 2016 election.<snip>.


Give the Devil His Due. Trump has Created Record Setting Job Growth in One Sector.......

.....................Defense Attorneys

What will it take for Trump's base to abandon him?

I estimate that Trump's base is around 36%. That's varying degrees of support. So, I'm not talking about every single Trump supporter abandoning him, but about a third. What would it take for Trump to drop another 12 points to say, something like 24%?

Nothing in the Russia investigation will substantially dislodge that great a number. I contend it's the economy that will take that third of his supporters away. Here's my theory.

If the stock market retreats by 2,000 to 3,000 points, that would start the movement. If the GDP has 2 consecutive tepid or negative quarters. If the monthly job numbers are less than 100,000 for 2 or 3 months. If these things happen, and the Trump supporters see no improvement in their lives or increase in good job opportunities, that will mark the end of his Presidency.

What you will see are Republicans starting to say that Trump was never a Republican. They will abandon him and set the stage for a narrative that Trump is really an independent, big Government type who "stole" the Republican nomination.

At this point, Trump will be in the mid-20's and he will resign.

Well, anyway, that's my theory for today.

Trump is NOT a Rookie

Trump supporters are trying to elicit sympathy for the President by invoking that he's a "rookie".

This analogy, like so many of their other defenses for Trump, is not accurate.

Trump is not a rookie. It's an analogy that doesn't hold water.

A rookie in baseball played baseball before. In college or in the minor leagues. In football, the rookie played in college. In basketball, the rookie played in college or high school. In hockey, he played in either college or the minor leagues. In every sport, a major league rookie played that sport from the time he could tie his shoes until he became a pro. They learned their craft through skill, hard work, and practice.

Trump, on the other hand is a con man, blowhard asshole. It's like some piece of shit convincing the owners of a major league team to give him a contract because he tells them he can hit home runs, score goals, sink three pointers or run for touchdowns, but they never saw him do any of those things.

Trump's not a rookie, the people that supported him are assholes who fell for his line of bull shit and now need an excuse for their own mistake, just like a professional sports team owner who signed a con man to a 4 year contract who doesn't know the first thing about the sport he's playing.

Trump's a rookie like these 3 guys were rookies:

Democrats Should Give Republicans What They Say They Want in Health Care Bill

Here's what I hear Republicans say is important to them in securing health care reform.

(1). Lower Premiums
(2). Affordable options
(3). More competition
(4). The ability to buy insurance over state lines

I have an answer for them. A public option. Let the other insurance companies compete with a Medicare type option with government subsidies.

Here's one of our Democratic contributions to the Republican plan.
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