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louis c

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Boston
Home country: USA
Current location: Boston
Member since: Fri May 14, 2004, 05:52 PM
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John Boehner May Very Well be Correct---- The Republicans are Facing Political Annihilation

And I thank the President for it.

The Republican Party enthusiastically cultivated the Teabaggers in 2010. They acted like they were the wave of the future and the Republican Party was going to ride that wave. Unfortunately for the Republicans, those crackpots don't play ball. They have a different set of rules and governing "ain't" one of them.

Now the Teabaggers are part of the Republican coalition. They have the largest caucus in the Republican Party. Their ideas are extreme and outside the mainstream of American society. And the Republicans are now stuck between a rock and a hard place.

You see, the Teabaggers just didn't win congressional seats in 2010, they won Governorships and Legislatures. As a result, they redistricted themselves into safe Teabagger seats, not just Republican seats. And the Republicans that have half of a brain are also stuck in those far-right districts and are frightened to death of a primary contest from their right.

Now, Obama is set squarely in the responsible, sensible middle-left. Exactly where a majority of Americans are. The Democrats, although not all perfectly happy, want government to work and know how to compromise, especially within their own party. Oh sure, we might gripe a little, but we don't threaten to break away and destroy our party. We tend to try to change it from within.

They don't. They'd rather lose a Delaware Senate seat than support a squishy Rino. We'll support a Conservative Democrat in a Red state and chock it up to realistic politics.

Now, to the point. When Gun Safety Legislation appears, we'll settle for universal back-ground checks, where 90% of Americans stand. But the Teabaggers will hold that up in the House and scare the living shit out of Republican incumbents who don't toe the line.

Immigration will sound reasonable in the Senate and from the President's lips, but will be stymied with all kinds of insensitive rhetoric from the Teabaggers in the House.

The same on taxes and spending. Each time a reasonable compromise gets cut, the House will hold it up, with Teabaggers leading the way.

Finally, Republicans, like Boehner and McConnell will have to decide, "do we govern or look like we have been taken over by extremists?"

Once they make that "Hobson's Choice", they're all done.

Here's the way I see the philosophical and political, statistical break down in this country. 55% of this country believes in what we believe, more or less. When the chips are down, we can count on 55%, especially in the future.

The other 45% is not solid at all. I think 30% is traditional Republicans and the other 15% are Teabaggers. Crazy, screaming, idiotic, birthers, haters, deniers and uncontrollable, uncompromising lunatics.

As the issues get put forth, the Republicans are going to have to decide whether they want to side, in fear, with the Teabaggers or move to the center and risk having the Teabaggers form a third party.

If the former occurs, the Republicans will be an extremist, regional party that will be forever trounced in national elections as they watch themselves slowly fade away.

Or, they can choose the later, in which case they will dissolve right before our very eyes, instantly, and will, as Speaker Boehenr so eloquently stated, "be relegated to the dust bin of history."

My Mother is Very Religious, and I Am Not

I've been following some threads here at DU that I find troublesome. Criticizing President Obama for invoking God in his Inaugural Address, and the singing of the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

I am not a religious person. I don't attend church and I doubt the existence of God. I think the Catholic Church should mind it's own business on social issues and I think the Christian Coalition is made up of people who are intolerant.

However, my beliefs belong to me and anyone who has a different set of beliefs than I do should be respected. I do not think more of someone who holds strong religious beliefs, and that includes all religions, but I do not think less of them, either.

Today, I was pre-planning my Mom's funeral arrangements. She's not sick and I expect to have her with me for a long time, but I did so as a matter of having the arrangements planned during a time that is less stressful and to pay for the services at a time that I know I can afford. As a result, the plan was that she have the service she wants. She will be buried with my late Father, she will have a Catholic Church Mass in the same Church in which she was baptized, received her First Communion, was Confirmed and Married. I discussed this with her in a matter of fact way, but I will not tell her the arrangements are already made. That may upset her.

Since I respect the wishes of my Mother, why would I deny that to any other person. The First Amendment doesn't outlaw religion, it prevents the Government Establishment of one. I have great joy and pride (and even more-so since 2008) in joining in singing God Bless America. I understand the historical nature of Religion in our culture and I try not to offend others with my own belief.

The President swears an oath of Allegiance on the Holy Bible, In God We Trust is on our money. These things will never change and these facts have little impact on our lives, religious or not. They are traditions embedded in our culture. It's not dogma, but an accepted practice. There are major battles ahead involving helping the poor and the middle class. Preserving the Social Services created by FDR and Lyndon Johnson. Those are the real fights and are actually part of the belief system of those we are trying to convince.

When we make an issue out of someone's deep seeded and long-held beliefs, we hurt our cause. We're trying to convince people to agree with us on major issues, and that means not looking to pick a fight where none exists.

A Simple Solution to Permanent Social Security Solvency

The cap is currently at $110,00. That means that once somebody reaches that level of income, they stop making contributions to the system.

Raise the cap to whatever it will take to make Social Security's projected solvency guaranteed for 25 years into the future. Have automatic increases in the cap any time the projection goes below 25 years.

This would always guarantee the Social Security system will be solvent from generation to generation.

Nancy Pelosi and I Think Alike on 14th Amendment Solution to Debt Ceiling

About a week ago, I posted my opinion that the 14th Amendment should be invoked in avoiding the debt crisis.

Some of my DU friends disagreed. Since that posting, former Speaker and current House minority leader Nancy Pelosi has come to the same conclusion as I did.

Does this change any body's mind here?

Link to Article (1/6/13):

Link to OP (12/31/12):

Teabaggers are, by definition, Anarchists

The literal definition of anarchists are people who despise government in any form and want it's demise.

Please read this Wikipedia definition of Anarchism and let me know if this is not an exact definition of teabagging Republicans?

Although Wikipedia associates Anarchists with the Left, politically speaking, the actual definition, in association with contemporary American politics, defines teabagging to a "T" (pardon the pun).


Report Circulating of Plan to Unseat Speaker Boehner.....Fox News

It may or may not happen, but their are some people speculating that the long knives may be out to get the inept, bungling idiot Boehner.

Link to article:

Link to Report of the plan from Right Wing Blog:

Now it's Their Turn, "How Does Shit Taste?"

You see, they made the President (and by extension, his supporters) eat shit for four years. "He's a Muslim", "He pals around with terrorists". "He's a Socialist". "He was born in Kenya". "You Lie". "My goal is to make Barack Obama a one term President". These weren't just statements from "crackpots", but from elected officials and spokespeople for the Republican party.

Then there is the Hitler Mustaches and the awful comments from Teabaggers and their supporters. Adelson, Wynn, Trump, the Koch Brothers and on and on. Lies, ridicule, deception, hatred.

Now, he has 4 interrupted years more. He's way smarter than his opponents. Tonight, he has them over a barrel and they don't like it. Graham and McCain are crying on the Senate floor. They have to take a deal they don't like, and the President is rubbing their faces in the shit, and I love it.

I know, their's a lot at stake. I trust this President and he'll get a good deal. It's never perfect, but it will be damn good, considering the Repukes control the House and the teabaggers have a large minority.

My advice to all my DU friends is to not expect to get a 100% deal, but be happy at 80% and enjoy as the other side chokes while they eat the shit that they, themselves, excreted.

It is truly a Happy New Year

On Edit (1/2/13):

Wow, it was better than I could have even imagined. The fuck-up on the Sandy relief really showed the House Repuke leadership as inept and self-serving. The back-stabbing on the Cliff matter was amazing and it could get better. The Republican party could split into two parts, right before our eyes.

Again, my Republican friends who are in the hands of a political master, "HOW DOES SHIT TASTE!!!!!!!!
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