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louis c

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Boston
Home country: USA
Current location: Boston
Member since: Fri May 14, 2004, 04:52 PM
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Do You Want to End Unnecessary American Wars? Reinstate the Draft

That's right, bring back the Draft. No deferments. Everybody in. Pick by lottery.

I grew up during the Viet Nam conflict. I protested against the war and wrote about ending it in my College paper in 1970. I mistakenly thought then that ending the draft would end unnecessary American military intervention. I was 104 in the lottery in one of those last years. Look it up. 104 was September 18 in 1970 when I turned 18. I thought, "who would join if they didn't have to"? History has proven me wrong.

Let Mitt's 5 sons and so many others like the Romney family enter the draft. Let's see how gung-ho they are when their flesh and blood is involved. Let's see if they're willing to risk those they love and cherish in a war they know is built on a lie.

If we choose again to go to war, to put boots on the ground, then it should be "everybody in". I now believe that the war protests in the late 60's and early 70's were fueled by the fact that anybody could go. You had to lie or defect to stay out of the war. The only way you could remain an American and in good conscience not go to a war you knew was wrong was to try to end it. That's what's missing today. If everybody's kid is at risk, everybody would bloody well be informed about the conflict and the lies would be more closely examined by the general public.

Anyway, that's my thought for today.

How is it that Mitt Romney can talk of his father being "born in Mexico"

Yet no one asks the obvious follow-up question?

"If, as you say, your father was born in Mexico, how could he have attempted to gain the Republican nomination for President of the United States in 1968? Didn't your father understand the Constitution?"

Finally, Chris Mathews Exposes Burma Manufactured U.S. Olympic Uniforms in 2002 Romney Run Olympics

During Hardball on MSNBC Chris Mathews just exposed the 2002 U.S. Olympic Uniforms that were manufactured in Burma under Romney's watch.

Thank You, Chris Mathews.

I thought no one would ever give this story any play.

link to DU post from yesterday:

2002 Romney Run Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City Bought Uniforms from Burma....Where's the Story?

I talk to white male blue collar workers Over 50 years old every day. They are "knee jerk" in their hatred for Obama. This is Obama's toughest demographic.

They are outraged at the 2012 Olympics buying uniforms for our athletes from China.

Here's how my conversation goes. "What do you think of the Olympic uniforms being manufactured in China". Their answer is invariably "disgusting". They, unknowingly, think the government has something to do with the Olympics. I then say, "you know that the Olympic committee is privately funded through donations from American citizens and is independently and privately run. The government has nothing to do with it." They say they knew that (whether or not they did).

It's like fishing. They have the "hook". "Now that you find it awful and un-American to buy Olympic uniforms from China in the Summer of 2012, do you know where the Olympic committee bought the athletes uniforms in the Winter of 2002 when Romney was running the Olympics? Burma. Now what do you think of your guy?"

It's a winner with a demographic that would cinch the election if we can move white males over 50 years old by just 5 points. This issue can do it. With the olympics coming up in England, the attention will be heightened on the subject. Let's get it out there.

I beg the Obama team. Please use it.

Link to Burma Story in 2002:

Viet-Nam Era Romney---The Seeds of a Hypocrite

Not serving in Viet-Nam (or Southeast Asia) during that conflict is not something that deserves condemnation.

Serving in Viet-Nam (or Southeast Asia) during that conflict does deserve to be honored.

However, to be in favor of that conflict when you were of age to fight and seeking deferments (while able bodied) to avoid that conflict does deserve condemnation as the height of hypocrisy.

Mitt Romney (like Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush) deserve to be called out for being the jingoistic hypocrites that they are. Mitt Romney supported that war in college while others dissented. He had that right. But when it came time to put "his money where his mouth was" he showed himself to be the chicken hawk he truly is. He hid behind his religion as a Mormon missionary. The poor little rich kid avoided service while he supported the war where others died (or were maimed). To add insult to injury, he performed his missionary service by attempting to convert the French to be Mormons. Yeh, he really had it tough preaching in Paris. I wonder how many Parisians he converted to Mormonism.

What a scam artist.


Latest Romney Ad

Willard "Mitt" Romney is displaying a new ad in swing states. Must see.


2002 Olympic Uniforms Were Manufactured in Burma


Worse than Communist China, Mitt Romney's 2002 Olympics allowed the American uniforms to be manufactured in sweat shops from Burma.


special thanks for the link to DUer w8liftingladly

We Need Some Opposition Research on Utah Olympics (2002)

I can't believe how upset blue collar workers are about the Olympic uniforms being manufactured in Communist China. I love it. I've been suggesting that it be made illegal to manufacture the American Flag outside of the United States.

If it has 50 white stars on a blue background and thirteen alternating red and white stripes, it should be made here.

Which brings me to my point. Romney would not answer the question on the network news tonight of whether or not he thought it was wrong to import the US Olympic team's uniforms from Communist China (the right wingers cringe when I refer to China as Communist).

I suspect that Mitt did the same thing when he ran the Olympics in 2002.

If I'm correct, that's quite a story and quite a 30 second commercial. It's the type of thing that really hits home with blue collar workers who have lost their jobs or their job security to outsourcing. Or have seen their wages slashed.

If anyone knows the answer to this, please post it here.

ACA: Is the Mandate a Voluntary Tax or a Voluntary Penalty

It really doesn't matter what you call it, but the key here is that it is "voluntary".

We should explain that fact every time we describe it. If you choose not to carry insurance, and can afford to buy it, you will be charged a fee (or penalty or tax) at a rate of about $840 a year. But it is not a fee (or penalty or tax) on everyone, or even anyone.

I am for a single payer, government option rather than this "Republican" idea of a mandate. But I know how politics works and Obama had to move to the center on this to get his "blue dog" Democrats on board to get this thing to pass. I would have rather had lost the vote on principal than won with this mandate. But, as the President says, let's not re-fight this battle. It is what it is and that's a step in the right direction.

But the fact remains that the mandate, if phrased as a tax, is strictly voluntary. You don't have to pay it, if you comply with the law, just as I don't have to pay a ticket if I choose not to speed when I drive.
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