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louis c

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Boston
Home country: USA
Current location: Boston
Member since: Fri May 14, 2004, 04:52 PM
Number of posts: 8,652

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Could there be a full Trump meltdown around the corner?

I've been involved in political campaigns all of my life. Sure, at the State Senate, State Rep. and Mayor's levels. But let me tell you, they are excruciating. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are raised and spent. Thousands of volunteer man hours are worked. Families are stressed and the competitive juices flow, especially in close races.

I can just imagine what it's like at the Presidential level, especially when it gets down to one on one. The Clintons have been there numerous times. The Trumps, on the other hand, are first timers. Clinton has a support group of seasoned political veterans and a campaign structure that will ease the burden on her. She has seen a fastball or two thrown her way, and she knows how to duck.

The Trumps don't know shit. In two days, Trump have been embroiled in numerous controversies and has to deal with the nude pictures of Melania on the front page of a New York tabloid (I personally condemn this act from Rupert Murdock. At some point, there are lines journalists should not cross, regardless of ratings or circulation). Can you imagine the stress. Can you imagine the pressure. And it's still July.

With the lack of experience around him and his family. With little or no support group. With thin skin, quick temper and huge ego, how can Trump ever make it to November? I can't see it. No way. I don't know when that meltdown might occur, but I will be very surprised if he makes it to the finish line without a serious meltdown.

Donald Trump Bashes Another Uniformed Hero

Donald Trump bashed and insulted the Colorado Springs Fire Marshal. The Fire Marshall, Bret Lacey, was recognized for his heroic, quick response in the shooting deaths at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs.

<snip> “The reason they won’t let them in is because they don’t know what the hell they’re doing,” Trump said Friday. “Now because of your fire marshal, who I am not a fan of, he’s probably a Democrat, probably a guy than doesn’t get it, I’m going to go into the other room and say hello to people that didn’t get your location.” <snip>

<snip>This came after Colorado Springs firefighters rescued Trump and about ten others from a stalled elevator just before his speech by prying open the top and lowering a ladder, according to KKTV. <snip>



David Duke and Donald Trump; Fellow Travelers....Boston Globe

Here is an article that appeared in today's Boston Globe.

<snip>His calculation now is obvious: If the Louisiana voters of 2016 are embracing one resentment-fueled grifter, surely they can handle another. In a campaign video, Duke said he was “overjoyed” to see Trump “embrace most of the issues I’ve championed for years.”

Ordinarily, you shouldn’t judge candidates by their most inflammatory, least reputable fellow travelers. Just because David Duke supports immigration controls doesn’t mean no mainstream politician should ever do the same.

But when Trump’s outlook and style align with Duke’s in so many ways — some of which are quite peculiar — you have to ask: How did a celebrity developer from New York and a professional racist from Louisiana end up with the same set of issues? <snip>



Airline Analogy for Trump Supporters

I love analogies. so, here's a new one.

70% of Americans believe this country is headed in the wrong direction. They don't all blame the same people, because, after all, 54% of the people approve of President Obama. But Trump supporters don't trust or want politicians anymore. They trust Trump because he's an outsider with absolutely no experience in government. America does have problems. We're not perfect, and probably never will be, but it's still the greatest nation on earth. Still, here we have too many of our fellow citizens wanting to turn the government over to a crazed neophyte.

So, here's my analogy.

There's this long established airline, let's call in Constitution Air. They have a great safety record, but have been plagued by too many late departures and late arrivals. 8 years ago, the arrivals were as much as two to two and half hours late. Awful service. But, even after much innovation and the hiring of new pilots, the take off time is still 15 minutes late on average and arrival time is still 45 minutes late, making for angry passengers at Constitution Air.

A press conference is called and the CEO and owner appear. It goes something like this.

"Even after years of trying to improve this airline, we still are not where we want to be. Our service is less than desirable and our departure and arrival times remain at unacceptable levels. We need change here at Constitution Airlines, so we are telling the public of the dramatic and bold moves we're about to make. We have decided to let all of our pilots and co-pilots go. We're going to fire them. We are not happy with their performance, so, starting Monday every pilot and co-pilot will be replaced. We are going to replace them with tailors and seamstresses. Most of them are the most accomplished in their field. Not one of them has one hour of air time experience, not even as a passenger. They will receive no training, so that they can start fresh and be unencumbered by any of the mistakes made by our previous pilots. We hope that this change will improve our on time average. But, even if it doesn't, every flight will be an exciting one. Thank you all, and I'll expect everyone at work, on time, on Monday."

Where are all of the Repblican surrogates today?

I'm watching the TV shows and there is not one elected, or former elected Republican official out there defending Trump.

Not Gingrich, Christie, Rubio, Kasich (I know, he tweeted an anti-Trump tweet), not McConnell or Ryan. Has anyone heard from Cruz? Not Ayotte or Porter. Not Toomey. Not even Carson or that twerp from Texas, Rick Perry. Nikki Haley, Rand Paul, Giuliani.

Not no one except Trump's fellow bigot, Jeff Sessions and a bunch of paid nobody's trotted out to get slaughtered.

That, to me, says it all. The silence is deafening.

PPP has Hillary up 5 points, Nationally

On June 30, the same poll had Clinton at plus 4. So, after both conventions, Hillary has picked up a point so far.

In addition, the inside story is that of the undecided, they prefer Barak Obama over Trump by nearly 49% points. Many are former Sanders' supporters.

Although they don't like Hillary, yet, there is no where for these voters to go except to Clinton, if they move.

<snip> It's also important to note that most of the remaining undecided pool is very Democratic leaning. They give Barack Obama a 55/33 approval rating, and they'd rather have him as President than Trump by a 59/10 spread. If they ended up voting for Clinton and Trump by those proportions, it would push Clinton's lead up from 5 points to 8. But they don't like Clinton (a 4/83 favorability) or Trump (a 2/89 favorability). A lot of these folks are disaffected Bernie Sanders voters, and even after the successful convention this week they're still not sold on Clinton yet. She and her surrogates will have to keep working to try to win those folks over and if they can the election enters landslide territory. <snip>


Does Trump know the differnce between sacrifice and accomplishment?

Let's, for a moment, believe that Trump's answer to the sacrifice question was accurate (you and I know about his business practices, but humor me, for the sake of argument).

What Trump was describing in hiring people and erecting buildings is not the definition of sacrifice, it's the definition of privileged accomplishments. Sacrifice is losing something, not gaining something.

Mr. Khan is right. Trump does not even know the meaning of sacrifice.

Trump's Sanity (or lack of it) is resonating

I've been watching the Sunday morning shows, and it appears that is it getting more and more acceptable to question Trump's sanity. Mike Bloomberg, Mark Cuban, guests on shows. It's common and it's resonating.

Many in my circle of white working class voters over 50 are starting to respond to that line of argument, especially women. They are actually convincing their husbands, in my circle, mind you, that it is not OK to vote for Trump, or at least not acceptable to tell others you are.

The persuadable respond to this insanity line, and, even it they don't like or trust Hillary, they are moving to the conclusion that Trump is far too dangerous to run this country.

My discussions revolve, primarily, around the Trump demographic white males over 55 years old without a college education. Recent polls have given Trump a 39% lead (63% to 24%) in this group. It's one of the only demographic groups he leads in. So, of course, with my luck, it's my group. As a result, I argue politics all day long. I change a few minds and soften the support among some others. Still others will admit that they are bigots, and that nothing will change their mind on supporting Trump. That ends the conversation, because I can't change their mind. As it turns out, in a strange twist of an old euphemism, "Some of my best friends are bigots". They finally admit it, say that Trump speaks to them and that's it. While we're on that subject, the admission goes something like this "You must like Trump because he's a bigot. You know that the text book definition of bigotry is that you condemn a whole group of people based on the actions of a few." Their response, "if that's the definition, I guess I'm a bigot." Discussion over. You deserve Trump. So, bigotry doesn't influence them, politically. Sanity does. If someone votes out of fear, we can make them more afraid of a Trump Presidency than they are of any ethnic group.

That's been my new line of attack.

My Trump Challenge

Let me start out by saying that I voted for Ross Perot in 1992, based solely on the trade issue. I knew then that these trade deals would be the death knell for the jobs of many of my union brothers and sisters who depended on manufacturing for a good, middle class living.

Trump has now tapped into that disaffection with that large group of union and former union workers.

But where was he when it mattered? I have challenged any of my union brethren to find one quote, one single public statement from Donald Trump against NAFTA or any other trade deal prior to his announcing for President.

He took advantage of the same low wage loopholes that many others did. You know the story, ties from China, picture frames from India, suits from Mexico. If he believed in his heart that these deals were wrong, the time to speak up was when they were being decided and the time to show your support was when you actually did the manufacturing (or lent your name to the products).

His opposition, now, to the trade deals are nothing more than a con job in an effort to game the political system.

Anyone who falls for his line of shit is a fool, or needs an excuse to vote for a bigot.

A little story I tell to friends of mine who are voting for or leaning toward Trump

Now, let's understand that I'm a 63 year old white guy whose closest friends are cousins (I have literally 100 of them). We all aged together. So, my friends are male, white and range between 55 and 67 years old.

That's Trump's demographic wheelhouse. Naturally, the women are way more in tuned to reality than the men, but I digress.

So, no politics is being spoken at a particular time and we are just bullshitting. You know, family, work, retirement, vacation and so on. A lull in the conversation, and I chime in with a very serious question. Here's how it goes:

"Let me ask you guys something. If you were at home and your kid's school called, and they wanted you down to the principal's office, you'd go, right? It sounds serious. You get there and the principal tells you and your wife that your third grade son, about 8 years old, has been taunting this disabled child. Making fun of him, mimicking him, bullying him and trying to get the other kids to laugh. What would you do or say to your 8 year old?"

So, now we get all the normal parenting answers. "I'd spank him so hard he couldn't sit down." or, "Tell him how disappointed I am and maybe look for a guidance counselor." You get it, serious answers to a serious question.

So now I turn to my favorite cousin who supports Donald Trump who said the spanking remark and I reply, "that's odd, Tony. I thought you would tell your son how proud you were of him and let him know that some day he could grow up to be President".

Everyone laughed and everyone got the point.
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