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Name: Mom
Gender: Female
Home country: Earth
Current location: SF Bay Area
Member since: Sat May 8, 2004, 01:56 AM
Number of posts: 16,716

Journal Archives

Unfortunately, Dec/Jan was the time for Preparation & Containment - Now is the time for Mitigation..

Now as we enter March, the time is for mitigation....entirely different scenario and response.
It doesn't mean you don't prepare, but now its harder. It doesn't mean you don't contain - you do, but its harder now.

We all have to practice good health measures now and here are things you can do:

-Take good care of your immune system. Take Vitamin and health supplements. Avoid Alcohol. Sleep.

-Wash hands frequently.

- Wipe hard surfaces clean frequently.

- No handshaking, high fives, hugs when you greet people. "Namaste" hands held together is a good way to keep your hands from going to someones hand and a slight bow. My kids are doing "Bum bumps" to side in opposite direction or elbow bump if they need to "touch"

- Place a hand sanitizer (non-touch dispenser) or pump near the front door or entrance to your building. (Hopefully if you can find some hand sanitizer - there still are online supply places). If you can't, there are some formulas for making some that you can make a home made batch along with essential oils from Lavender and put in an empty pump dispenser. Encourage anyone coming near your home and entering or in your intermediate community to be sanitizing hands.

- Don't touch the railings, hand rails, door knobs etc. if you can avoid it. Wipe them down or put sanitizer on your hand after.

- Avoid going out or gatherings. Now is not the time to attend conferences, large meetings, sporting events, concert.

- Conduct more video meetings for work. Zoom and VSee are great. Skype Meetings and even Facetime.

- Its ok to NOT go to Church, synagogue, mosque now for next month. Your God will forgive you. (Even the Pope is suspected to have been infected).

- Self quarantine if you think there is a chance you are sick for at least a week - two weeks.

- Avoid and steer clear of anyone coughing or sneezing. Cough and sneeze into the crease of your elbow.

- Wear glasses and gloves if you can - it helps avoid aerosol spray into your eyes and gloves help you avoid touching your face - same for facemasks or scarfs.

- Thinking of a vacation or have one planned in next two months? Postpone it till at least May or June or later and see what is happening and determine then. Maybe instead take a week off in the next month and just stay home.

- Maybe start exercising and yoga at home and taking walks etc. Health Clubs and Yoga Studios might not be the best places to be going as people sweat and gather closely. If you do go, wipe things down before and after and try to be on outskirts away from people.

- Dating? Maybe now is time to have a dating diet and not meeting strangers for a date or even going out on date night or going to a bar and being in close proximity.

- Stock up on canned foods and juices and food that keeps and have at least a month supply for you and your family. Avoid going to the supermarket if you can and use delivery services if you need something. If you have to go to the store - go once a week max and wipe down the handle on the cart or basket and avoid touching surfaces. Don't bring your children to the store. Offer to help elderly neighbors to do shopping runs and bringing grocery goods back for them.

- Stock up on cleaning and sanitation supplies, OTC meds and prescription meds for at least 2-3 months.

- Identify in your home a room that would be where a person in your family who might be sick can self quarantine. Best option is a Master bedroom with its own bathroom. Ideally it would have even access from another means to getting in and out (i.e.. a balcony for fresh air or patio to outside and means for food, supplies to brought to them. Figure literally a way that you could care or be cared for at home and be prepared. In the event of mass pandemic, the last place you want to be going (and may not be able to go) is the hospital or emergency room. You want to keep the community safe and yourself.

There is much more....but these are the things we can do right now ourselves and need to do.

Pachamama's Revenge? Coronavirus being linked to a critically endangered animal called the Pangolin

Pachamama is the Quechua word for Mother Earth. I chose this name for DU when I joined DU 16 years ago in honor of Pachamama and work I had done related to the rainforest.

I remember Shamans with the Achuar and the Huararani (tribes who were once mortal enemies) telling similar stories when I spent time with them helping them organize to take on the oil company Petroleum Ecuador and Texaco to clean up the environmental damage to their water sources and tribal lands with oil waste pits and the illnesses it was causing. It was a time where scientists who I met were starting to admit the planet had reached peak oil and that the oil companies knew it and yet were busy trying to figure out their next target of where to get their hands on the resources they knew were dwindling, and of course leaving always behind a path of environmental destruction.

The Shamans and tribal leaders considered Oil to be Pachamama’s blood and they knew she was in trouble. But they said it wasn’t Pachamama who was dying...it was us humans. Pachamama they said will live forever, perhaps in a different form than we know it now, but it would be without humans. She said if humans don’t stop raping and harming her for its resources it will “shake humans off”. Change the dream is what they said. Because the humans in the industrial world with the “dream” we had and what we were making it is really a “nightmare” and if we don’t stop, Pachamama will have her way - her revenge - and it is us humans that will be harmed and she will do it in ways that strike back at humans for their crimes against her.

When Greta Thunberg and so many warn the leaders and the communities to stop and change our ways and are sounding the alarm of an existential crisis, they are correct and sadly too few are listening and ways are not stopping. Pachamama will speak and she has begun. Whether it be unpredictable weather, earthquakes, locust or other natural events there is an event happening that is also a response of Pachamama according to these Shamans....in the form of the Coronavirus and a sweet animal, one of the only in the world without teeth and looks like a cross between an armadillo and anteater. The Pangolin.



Highly endangered and on the critically endangered list and illegal to hunt and trade, this cute little animal is hunted illegally and traded at the markets in China and the scales sold for Chinese medicines and meat for food. Chinese researchers just confirmed that they have linked the Coronavirus to the Pangolin being traded at these markets in Wuhan.

If this is indeed where the virus originated, Pachamama and the Pangolin will have unleashed a virus on the human population because of human activity and it’s violation of it and while the Pangolin who is harmless and is on verge of extinction, a pandemic of proportions similar or worse than the Spanish Flu will be unleashed and will kill many humans. And according to the Shamans in the Amazon may just be a small taste of things to come because of human activity violating Pachamama.

When will humans learn it is they that are facing extinction?
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