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Member since: Sat Apr 24, 2004, 01:37 PM
Number of posts: 5,808

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I just have a question.

Why WHEN YOU SEE the president at a meetmg tO "gear up his base".....they are always
in a nicky picky little auditorium where

He doesn't have a base with THAT MANY PEOPLE IN THE u.s.

AND HE'S GONNA WIN????????????????????

Pardons for Flynn and Manafort?????????

I got this off of CNN at 5:39

Did anyone hear about the grandma that found some guns and a folder

about what he was going to do in Washington? I didn't get their names, it was on Good
Morning America and the kid was picked up at Ace High School in Everette, Washington.

It would be nice to find some way to let her know that she's is quite a person to do that.

Thanks for waking up to 2 more hearts....It does make me feel good!!!!

What the hell is wrong with Dotard???? He just said up there after he was reading about a bunch of

stock going down, and telling ME/and and anyone else listening that "THIS IS A SHAME" He's calling
everybody who doesn't listen to him to get lost I guess.

I wish he would get lost......
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