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Member since: Sat Apr 24, 2004, 02:37 PM
Number of posts: 6,096

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I don't always ask the best questions, but I have one now that is really bothering me.

Why is Steve Bannon always up at a podium "talking to us people", is he still part of the trump
arena, sort of trying to be a MR Trump, (which I highly doubt).

I can't understand how he gets up there is his horrible jackets and shirts, doesn't look like he's shaved,
or even done much with his hair....

Can anyone tell me. Please.. Thanks for the question!

In my 72 years in this lifetime, I HAVE NEVER SEEN

a President reach out and kiss the 1/2 size card...WHICH WILL MAKE HIM
AND ALL HIS CRONIES rich RICH and richer.......

HE actually thinks these people are going to stay around while he is in Asia...???
and GOD I hope it doesn't PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is President Dotard going to be on the tube at 1:45

On channel MSNBC it says in the right hand corner:Trump New Conference" 1:45 pm et

I think I'll stick around to see what he's BITCHING ABOUT TODAY....Can't be good.

Makes me think he's going to tell all the football teams they can't listen to the National Anthem.

Anyone know?

Who is the woman who is standing in for Ari Mueller (sp)

I can BARELY watch her....and all her pretexts about what "would Sean Spicer's" DO FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP.

God, SHE is HORRIBLE!!! I haven't caught her name yet.....

NOW I know why Kucher had this squeeky voice and would never look at anybody

when he talked to them.

On the Ari show it was about Kuchner OWING IMAGINABLE MONEY for 666
(wherever he lives) but He ALWAYS had this HORRID look on his face....

I didn't get it all but Kuchner went after some government official in New York to try Trump
for his troubles.

This should be GREAT for Ivanka and Kuchner. I cannot wait.

Air people are still talking about it.

Is Sean gone now????? If so, Dump fired him??????

OK so Martha Raddux told us all the crap about HOW MUCH KOREA HAS.....

there's probably only a few PEOPLE I KNOW OF that wants to have a down and out war with North Korea.

Jesus, why can't Trump understand this. He is going to crack open this sky this weekend I think...
if someone doesn't get ahold of his briefcase.....

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