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Cyrano's Journal
Cyrano's Journal
July 29, 2023

Enough b.s. about UFOs. Here's the reality.

There are many millions of planets in our Milky Way galaxy on which there is intelligent life.

The inhabitants of a few million of these planets have unified to create a broad, interstellar, sane society.

They engage in trade, peaceful relations, and the exchange of their countless art forms.

There are occasional minor disagreements that are settled through a direct voting process.

This interstellar community constantly monitors younger planets, (such as ours), as candidates to join them.

Occasionally, they come across a planet on which madness and war among the inhabitants is the norm.

Such planets are considered to be a danger to themselves and inevitably self-destruct.

But some of these planets, somehow, achieve space travel and are, accordingly, viewed as a virus.

And, therein, lies the answer to why UFOs are occasionally seen.

They are here to monitor us. They are here to issue any needed alerts to the interstellar society.

Yet, they know they need not be concerned with our early attempts at gaining access to them, or infecting them.

They know we will destroy ourselves before we can spread the virus that infects us.

To repeat, UFOs are here for the sole purpose of monitoring us. Nothing more.

(Please don't ask me how I know this. Just grant me a bit of trust here.)

July 23, 2023

I fear human ignorance.

I fear that an educated American populace is a thing of the past. – Ignorant people have no way of distinguishing truth.

I fear America will allow fascism to triumph. – Republican control will result in the end of our freedoms.

I fear that we will soon become what America defeated in WWII.

I fear that far too few people understand what it was America defeated in WWII.

I fear it’s happening again.

I fear the 2024 election will be stolen, by a minority of fascists and the ignorant, under the Electoral College system.

I fear that far too many Americans don’t see, or believe in, the oncoming peril.

I fear that not enough people who "get it" will vote, and allow all of my fears to come about.

Then again, Mother Nature may correct it all. We are quickly destroying the environment of our planet. -- The only planet we have at this moment. – I fear that, by the end of this century, all my fears may be a moot point.

Do you share any of my fears? Am I just being paranoid? Or am I being realistic?

July 19, 2023

So if Trump ate a baby on TV, how many votes would he lose?

That's an insane question and I really don't know the answer. To those who are still backing him and devoted to him, he can seemingly do no wrong.

We here know that he is totally fucked up. But for some inexplicable reason, his followers seem willing to go along with anything, literally anything, he says or does.

Is there something he could possibly do that would drive them away from him? Is he their "god??" Beats me.

In some way, it seems that his followers have gone beyond the definition of a cult and gone over some cliff that goes beyond the meaning of insanity. Any psychologists or psychiatrists here who can define this widespread madness?

July 17, 2023

Last Friday night, Donald Trump went full Adolf

He spent 90 minutes giving a speech in West Palm Beach which might well have been a public reading of "Mein Kampf."

Actually, he told the truth (which is news in itself). Part of his plan for his 2nd term is to eradicate many government departments, have the DOJ, the FBI Director, and many others in key positions, report directly to him, and to totally ignore the Judicial and Congressional branches of government.

This would be a fascist dictatorship by any other name. Seems to me that all he left out were the death camps, the ovens, and the mass graves.

He's gone well beyond any definition of sanity. Yet, millions will vote for him to be their candidate, and then they'll vote again to make him president.

If he wins/steals the presidency in 2024, America is over.

Somehow, someway, we have to stop this crazed monster. If he gobbles up America, his next project will be to devour the entire world. And don't think he wouldn't use nuclear weapons in a heartbeat.

I don't know how to be more blunt than to say that he's a threat to all life on planet Earth. -- And if you think this is hyperbole, tell me about it when you find yourself naked with a large group of people in a very big "shower room."

P.S. Google Trump speech 7/15/23 and you can pick whatever portion of his speech you want to see and hear.

July 14, 2023

Some unasked for advice for DU Original Posters

This isn't the type of post I'd usually make. But many of you here are regular OPs who may see what I'm getting at.

Some of our posts are controversial and some are outrageous. The outrageous ones are usually ignored and die quickly. But, the controversial ones occasionally bring out those who will interrogate you as to the meaning of virtually every word you've used and every concept you've set forth. (They may or may not be trolls.)

If you reply and try to defend your position, it will often lead to a stream of off-topic crap that will destroy the thread.

So here's my unasked for advice. In most cases, don't reply to those who question your meaning and/or belief(s). Sometimes, a short answer may be in order. But if the inquisitor comes back at you again, ignore it, or you'll end up in a quagmire of shit that has nothing to do with your OP.

I've fallen into this trap myself, more than once. And, in rereading the thread, it was apparent that my reply destroyed the heart of what I was trying to communicate in the OP. In short, (no matter how much a reply to your OP may piss you off), ignore it and move on.

July 7, 2023

Florida law has schools scared to teach Shakespeare

The book banning frenzy in Florida is mind boggling. One county wants to ban "Fahrenheit 451," a masterpiece about a dystopian future in which all books are burned. Evidently, the people in that county don't see the irony. -- There is no doubt that fascism is well underway in FL and elsewhere in America.

A Ron DeSantis-backed law tightening restrictions on books in school libraries and classrooms is having a major impact in one Florida county. Orange County Public Schools have at least temporarily rejected a staggeringly long list of books as media specialists seek to remove any books that censorship-happy parents might decide to challenge once the school year starts.

-- snip --

The books on the temporarily rejected list include “A Room With a View,” “Madame Bovary,” “Paradise Lost,” “Into the Wild,” “The Fault in Our Stars,” “Catch-22,” “Brave New World,” and more. They include books that have been part of the official school curriculum.

There is hope for works that are temporarily on the rejected list while educators consider them: William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” was initially rejected, then approved for grades 10 through 12 only, a status it shares with three other Shakespeare plays, the Tennessee Williams classic “A Streetcar Named Desire,” and Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood.”

-- snip --

Republicans are passing one punitive, restrictive law after another, targeting health care, education, and more. We’re seeing the results, and make no mistake, this is the world they want to build: A world where “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is off limits for younger teens and “Paradise Lost” may be banned. A world where laws are put in place that directly imply that, as one Orange County teacher told the Orlando Sentinel, “I have horrible intentions for my students.” A world where doctors are afraid to give appropriate medical care to women with pregnancy complications until they are on the brink of death. The intent is the government forcing workers to live in fear of someone getting mad about the professional decisions they make. It’s already in action in states like Florida, and it’s what Republicans want to do to the entire United States.


July 6, 2023

So Hitler is being taken out of context?

Well, North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson thinks so. And so evidently does the lunatic organization called "Moms for Liberty" think so. (Link below)

Every time we think a segment of Americans can't become more insane, they become more insane.

The Republican Party has been a semi-fascist organization for many decades, but Trump tore away the mask and we now know who and what they are.

Thirty five to sixty million people died during WWII. But according to some totally fucked up people, Hitler should be reevaluated.

How did we get here? This is a disease of the mind that never seems to go away.


July 1, 2023

Six people with robes and lifetime jobs are destroying America

They're destroying the America that most of us want to see come about.

They're doing everything they can to make America a country in which being white, "Christian," rich, and ultra-conservative, make you "superior" to all other Americans.

They're creating a world with a permanent underclass.

They're creating an environment in which fascism can thrive.

They're creating a world in which the vast majority will exist to serve the needs and wants of a small, ruling minority.

They're destroying what may have been the hope of most, for a decent, civilized, caring world.

Six people called "Justices" are doing this. Six miserable, uncaring people are fucking over three hundred million Americans. And perhaps, also the hopes of most of the rest of the people on this planet who look to America as an example.

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