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Gender: Male
Hometown: Palm Beach County, Florida
Member since: Fri Apr 16, 2004, 02:36 PM
Number of posts: 14,665

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Six people with robes and lifetime jobs are destroying America

They're destroying the America that most of us want to see come about.

They're doing everything they can to make America a country in which being white, "Christian," rich, and ultra-conservative, make you "superior" to all other Americans.

They're creating a world with a permanent underclass.

They're creating an environment in which fascism can thrive.

They're creating a world in which the vast majority will exist to serve the needs and wants of a small, ruling minority.

They're destroying what may have been the hope of most, for a decent, civilized, caring world.

Six people called "Justices" are doing this. Six miserable, uncaring people are fucking over three hundred million Americans. And perhaps, also the hopes of most of the rest of the people on this planet who look to America as an example.

It's incredible! The Orange Beast could actually win/steal the presidency again

The Republican Party has gone bugshit insane. The federal indictment of Trump has only improved his numbers among Republican voters. And, short of the unforeseen, he's going to be the 2024 Republican candidate for president.

And if so, he'd then be facing Joe Biden who beat him in 2020. However, as we all know, the popular vote doesn't matter. It's the Electoral College outcome that decides who becomes president. And given the insane laws passed in many red/purple states over the past few years, the Electoral College outcome is up for grabs.

HOW THE FUCK DID WE GET HERE? How has America arrived at a place where our Constitution, our democracy, and all of our freedoms are in jeopardy? Who ever figured there were so many incredibly stupid/brain-dead American voters?

I hope Joe beats this diseased monster again. (But hope in one hand, pee in the other, and see which one fills up first.)

The fact that we're looking at the possibility of another Trump pResidency is unbelievable. It's an indication of how sick our country has become. It's proof positive that, whatever it is we call intelligence, is an abnormality.

If the worst happens, and the Orange Nightmare ends up in the White House, America is over. So it's up to us to do anything and everything to ensure this doesn't come about. Trump, or any other Republican in the presidency, can't be allowed to happen. It used to be that fascism was something we fought someplace else in the world. Well, now it's right here among us, and it doesn't take much imagination to understand the vicious, hate-filled hell that will descend on us if we don't defeat it. Losing is not an option.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is running for president. He's also nuts.

If his name wasn't Robert Kennedy, no one would be paying any attention to him. But his name has him currently polling at 15% in the Democratic Primaries. I guess this indicates that there are Democrats who are either incredibly stupid, or they know the name, but not what he stands for. By anyone's definition, he can only be described as a Democratic MAGA.

He's a major league anti-vaxxer., and has he's also claimed that Bill Gates is working on an "injectable chip" that would allow for mass surveillance. Here's an op-ed from today's WaPo that pretty well covers how fucked up he is.

Kennedy’s anti-vaccine ravings are “dangerous misinformation” that endangers public health and puts children at risk. That’s not just me talking; that was what Kennedy’s siblings Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and Joseph P. Kennedy II and his niece Maeve Kennedy McKean wrote in a Politico op-ed in 2019.

In 2021, Kennedy published a book, “The Real Anthony S. Fauci,” that accused the eminent physician who led the U.S. response against AIDS, covid-19 and other deadly infectious diseases of staging a “coup d’état against Western democracy.” In 2022, Kennedy apologized for remarks at a rally on the National Mall in which he compared vaccine mandates to Nazi Germany.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. apologizes for saying the unvaccinated have less freedom than Anne Frank did

But his deep affinity for conspiracy doesn’t stop there. For a while, he crusaded against 5G internet technology, claiming it damages human DNA and is a secret tool of mass surveillance. He has accused Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates of working to develop an “injectable chip” that would allow, once again, mass surveillance. These are sentiments more commonly expressed on a street corner, at loud volume, while wearing a tinfoil hat.

-- more --


Current prices of cars and used cars. We're getting screwed again.

Covid has served as an excuse for the countless ways in which corporate America is now fucking us.

There is no doubt that the Covid epidemic threw the world economy out of whack. People couldn't go to work. Production fell. The worldwide movement of goods slowed or halted. And the American air, rail and trucking systems were heavily impacted.

Although most of us can't state the percentage of increase in goods and services due to Covid, it seems that the epidemic is far passed it's peak.

Yet, is there anyone here on DU who doesn't get that big business is still using "the Covid excuse" to steal money from us?

Fortunately, I don't currently need to replace my car. But one of my friends went car shopping recently, and it turned out that he'd have to take out a second mortgage on his house to get a car. -- New or used.

We all know that some supermarkets are practicing highway robbery, (because of the way they're being robbed by their suppliers). And now, anyone in need of a car is finding that "getting fucked" is the American Way.

I can't put numbers or percentages here, because they vary too widely.

But for all of you who believe in UNREGULATED capitalism, check out what you're paying for everything. And unless you're wealthy, do you still believe that the government shouldn't be involved when the vast majority of Americans are victims of outright theft?

It seems that evolution doesn't apply to politics

Most of us have assumed that human progress is a straight line. We've gone from rock shelters, to straw huts, to tents, to bricks, to steel and glass. We've gone from images on cave walls, to DaVinci and Shakespeare, to Picasso and Mark Twain. We've gone from Archimedes and Pythagoras, to Newton and Einstein.

But what may be called "political intelligence" seems to be frozen in time. From Nero, to Attila the Hun, to Vlad the Impaler, to Mussolini, to a would-be dictator like Trump, many humans seem to be stuck in some kind of ancient time warp. Too often, majorities will tolerate a dictator they could overthrow. And far too many actually adore and vote for malicious "leaders," or outright sociopaths, who would take away all their rights in a heartbeat.

I'm puzzled by those who believe in, and even "idolize" the Orange Monster. There seems to be more going on than just lack of education in some, stupidity in others, and outright hatred of the "THEMS" in many.

Why does it seem that evolution has left so many behind? Beats me.

But let's bring all this down to today. The vast majority of Americans would exile Trump from this planet if they could. But a loud minority, (many in positions of power), are either too afraid of his voters, or want him to be the unquestionable "Dear Leader." To put this more clearly, his backers are either cowards, stupid beyond belief, or outright fascists.

In the meantime, most of us see this and are doing ... what?

Whatever it is we Dems, (including our leadership), are doing is not nearly enough. We're playing by rules. They aren't. We believe in democracy. They don't. We want a better world. They want ignorant followers who will do what they're told.

So to get back to that evolution thing. Have too many human beings been left behind for some unfathomable reason? Is "stupid" and/or "indifference" viruses with which some are infected? And, most importantly, will humanity survive long enough to overcome this current era which seems to be leading to a dystopian world?

To sum up, how do we stop the greedy, the power hungry, or just plain stupid pricks from taking over all of humanity?

P.S. All suggestions are welcome, but this is a dilemma that has existed for all of human history.

Pissed off Rant -- Republicans have never believed in democracy

Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson built America's "safety net" which includes: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, workers rights, farmers rights, programs for child nutrition, the Voting Rights Act, and so, so much more. And add to that the Affordable Care Act, passed by Barack Obama, which provided health care insurance to millions who couldn't afford it, -- and is rightfully referred to as "Obamacare."

The Republican Party opposed each and every one of these programs and have done everything in their power to destroy them. And when they couldn't destroy programs, the conservative Supreme Court used its power to weaken them.

In short, the Democratic Party, for the last 90 years, has stood for programs intended to help middle class Americans, and those in need, or in total poverty.

And during that same time period, the Republican Party has tried to help the haves and the super-haves, and haven't given a damn about those "huddled masses yearning to be free," which is inscribed on the Statue of Liberty.

Trumpism has torn the mask off the so-called "values" of the Republican Party, and has moved the playing field from conservatism to all-out authoritarianism. And for some reason, millions of Americans have bought into an insanity that can only lead to the destruction of democracy.

America was never perfect and has many sins to answer for. But the direction in which the Democrats want to take it is humane, and could lead to a world in which justice is far more equitable. This too is being opposed by Republicans.

So I guess the question is: "Why do Republicans believe what they believe?"

A few answers: Some are super wealthy and don't care about anyone but themselves; Some pay no attention to politics and vote the way their parents did; Some believe the snake oil being sold because that's the only news they see or hear; and some actually believe that they would be better off in a dictatorship, which makes them some of the most miserable pricks imaginable.

We Dems have a dilemma regarding the 2024 presidential election

If Trump is the Republican nominee, I believe Joe Biden will, once again, kick his orange ass back to Mar-a-Lago.

However, what if for some reason, (Jail? A lightening bolt?), Trump isn't the Republican nominee? In that event, whoever the Republican nominee is will run on one issue. Joe's age.

(And before you scream at me, I'm a big fan of Joe and I want him to win no matter who the Republicans run.)

But, face it. If anyone but Trump is the nominee, you'll see tens of thousands of ads, opinion pieces, online diatribes, Fox "news" specials, and every Republican who can grab hold of a microphone, spreading the same message. "Joe is too old."

You probably hate this scenario as much as I do. But I believe it's a reality that the Republicans also see, and wouldn't hesitate to use in a heart beat. So it turns out that our strongest case for holding onto the presidency is if Trump is Joe's opponent.

(I hesitated to post this and I expect to take a ton of crap for it. But ignoring the obvious won't make it go away.)
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