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Cyrano's Journal
Cyrano's Journal
December 1, 2023

How often have we heard "The Constitution Isn't a Suicide Pact"

Evidently, given everything that Trump has done and is still doing every minute of every day, we are deluding ourselves that the Constitution will protect us against a full out fascist attack on America. Playing by the rules is useless when your enemies don't recognize any rules.

Even if we can win next year's general election, there's still the electoral college. And there are also red states that have bought into the "Members of the state legislature choose who gets the state's electoral votes" argument.

We Dems are still putting our pants on, while Republican lies are spreading around the world. And are being bought into by a vast number of American voters who don't know any better, or are just plain brain dead.

Many MSM and TV pundits are finally saying out loud that our democracy is hanging by a thread. And it is.

We're counting on the American electorial system to save us. But that system has all too often been abused.

(For example: Ex Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Conner, who just died, was the fifth vote on the court to APPOINT George W. Bush the President of the United States.) Where the fuck in the Constitution does it say that the Supreme Court gets to appoint a president?

I wish I had all the answers, but I don't. And if you're not sitting up worrying if democracy will exist after next November's election, you perhaps don't see the threat,

So here we are, three years after an attempted coup d'etat. And those who tried it are about to try it again.


December 1, 2023

The NY gag order on Trump was reinstated. So he goes after the Judge's wife.

And if the Judge's wife is added to the gag order, Trump will go after the Judge's dog, or some distant cousin. The only way to shut this prick up is to throw him in a dungeon with no access to a phone.

But even that won't be sufficient, because he'll still have access to a lawyer, through whom he can get his message out to his mindless drones. He's a disease. And the fact that he still might again be president is proof of a deep sickness in our country.

We really need to exile him to a desert island, or another planet.


November 30, 2023

The war criminal, Henry Kissinger, is finally dead.

The US doesn't have an agreement with The Hague, where war criminals are often put on trial. Nonetheless, Henry Kissinger should have been tried as a war criminal, even if it were in an America court.

Yet, the bastard lived to be 100 and was still "respected as an elder statesman" in many quarters. It's impossible to know how many Americans, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians, and so many other victims of dictators elsewhere, died because of this evil man.

How many names are on that black Vietnam memorial on the mall in Washington DC because of his lies, deceptions and crimes? It's impossible to tell. And how many of hundreds of thousands elsewhere would still be alive if it weren't for this horrible person? I have a deep hatred for him in my heart.

In the film "Apocalypse Now," Robert Duvall delivered the famous line, "I love the smell of napalm in the morning." Evidently, Kissinger loved it at any hour of the day or night.

Here's an obituary of Kissinger's activities while in power. Take the time to read about how many murders one man can be responsible for, yet never be brought to justice.


November 29, 2023

Did the Civil War ever really end? And who "won?"

For years, there's been a pickup truck driving past my neighborhood with a huge Confederate flag flying from it's bed, alongside a giant American flag.

Occasionally, I'll be behind a car with a Confederate flag bumper sticker, (sometimes alongside a Trump sticker).

And at every Trump rally, there seem to be many Confederate flags waving alongside TRUMP flags and American flags. (And recently, even some Nazi flags have been appearing.)

And then there's the fact the many ex Confederate states are red states who helped make Trump president in 2016.

The cry that "The South Will Rise Again," seems to have become a reality during the Trump presidency.

Combining the fact that Jim Crow seems to be making a comeback, along with the Supreme Court decisions to gut the Voting Rights Act, asking who actually "won" the Civil War seems like a reasonable question these days.

And another reasonable question is, why don't you see many Joe Biden Bumper stickers? Not that I blame anyone for not displaying one. After all, who wants to find their car's window broken, or, in more extreme cases, who wants to get shot at while driving?

Ever since Nixon's "Southern Strategy," the Republican Party, and those who long for the old Confederacy, are now one.

Or, to put it more bluntly, racism, antisemitism, and hatred of "The Other," is now the norm for today's Fascist Party who prefer to call themselves, The Republican Party. The American Civil War never really ended. It's just spread, divided us more, and increased the level of hatred. -- Where we go from here is up to us.

November 29, 2023

Today, I saw a car flying an Israeli flag. Is that person making themself a target?

I'd be asking the same question if I saw a car flying a Palestinian flag.

I guess what I'm struggling to say here is, are you safe in America displaying a flag that could get you attacked, or perhaps even killed?

Anger and emotions in the Middle East and in America, between Palestinians and Jews, are at a dangerous peak.

Would you put a Jewish or Palestinian flag on your car here in America?

Regardless of the horror currently going on in the Middle East, many American Palestinians and Jews want to see a two state solution where all could live in safety and peace. And some, on both sides, don't want that to ever happen.

But here's my original question. Would you put a flag on your car here, identifying yourself as a Palestinian of a Jew?

November 28, 2023

Republicans screwed Jimmy Carter out of reelection. They may do the same to Joe Biden.

(1) During Jimmy Carter's administration, the price of gas went through the roof.

(2) During Jimmy Carter's administration, Iran had stormed the American embassy the year before the election and had been holding the staff of the Embassy, (about 50 people), as hostages. They were still hostages on the next election day. Reagan won the presidency, mostly because he told us that "Jimmy Carter was responsible for the high price of gas, and that he was letting Americans rot in the custody of Iranians."

Now let's do a reality check.

No American president, Democrat or Republican, has any control over the price of gas. Then or now.

Ronald Reagan's handlers secretly made a deal with the Iranians that if they refused to negotiate with Carter, and kept the hostages until after the election, they would receive more favorable treatment from the American government. On January 20, 1981, moments after Reagan was sworn in, Iran released all of the American hostages. (Gee. What a coincidence.)

So it seems that two issues allowed Reagan to win/steal the election from Jimmy Carter.

Ronald Reagan was an amiable imbecile who was effectively controlled by his right-wing, conservative "advisors." Did the Reagan administration keep it's promise to Iran? You bet. Try googling the "Iranian-Contra scandal," which most people have conveniently forgotten about.

The reason I'm posting this historic tale is to make the point that Republicans don't, and never did, play by any rules. Reagan's henchmen made a secret deal with America's enemy, Iran, to keep hostages that may have been freed far sooner. To them, the hostages were nothing more than a way to help them win the White House.

Today, Donald Trump and his handlers are up to their necks in their relationships with Putin and the Saudis. (You remember the Saudis, don't you? Nineteen Saudis attacked us on 9/11. So we attacked Iraq instead. What's wrong with this picture?)

If you don't already get it, please try to understand that Republicans don't give a shit about America or Americans.They're there for themselves. and their own wealth and power. And they don't care how many Americans live in misery or die, in order for them to get and keep what they want.

November 27, 2023

A tale of two dicks: Elon Musk and Benjamin Netanyahu

Is it really necessary to tell informed Americans about Elon Musk. For years, he was viewed as a high tech genius, UNTIL he bought Twitter, opened it up to the world's Nazis, exposed his own antisemitism, and his Teslas started catching fire.

Netanyahu is under indictment in Israel on charges of breach of trust, bribery, and fraud. He's Prime Minister because Israel has a parliamentary system and he's been able to cobble together a coalition of far right wing radical fundamentalists. Israel is as divided as we Americans currently are. It seems that most Israelis, and most American Jews, don't want any part of him or the fanatics who currently control Israel's government and policies.

These two deserve each other, but Israel, America, and the rest of the world, can do very well without either of these two destructive men. This current meeting is pure PR, but they don't really agree on anything. Musk is portraying himself as a humanist who wants to solve the Israeli/Palestinian problem and help rebuild Gaza, while Netanyahu is making believe he cares about Gaza. They're both full of shit.

Perhaps Musk can build a rocket which can carry them both to a place far, far away. And maybe they'll take Trump with them.

November 27, 2023

Today, I paid $2.99/gallon for gas. Joe Biden had nothing to do with this.

When gas prices are high, the president (any president) is always blamed, although he has no control over the price of gas. Will Joe Biden get credit for lowering gas prices? Don't hold your breath.

The same goes for grocery prices, car prices, insurance prices, and so much more. No president controls any of this. Yet, whoever is in the White House takes the blame when prices soar, and receives no credit when prices drop.

Joe Biden's administration has been pushing the story of how great the economy is under his policies. But try telling that to someone who just left a supermarket and paid almost twice what they spent about two or three years ago. No one wants to hear it. Republicans realize that fact and are laying all blame on Joe Biden.

It's past time for Joe and his advisors to quit trying to explain how good the economy is. No one cares about the big picture. People only care about what they themselves are experiencing.

If the White House is going to push issues, let them make Republican Abortion Craziness their Number One issue. As far as the number two issue, take your pick of everything the Republicans are trying to destroy: The destruction of our children's educational systems?; The constant cutting of veteran's benefits?; The never-ending drive to kill Social Security and health care?; The mind-boggling insanity of the man they are trying to make America's first dictator?

The social/emotional issues are endless. And it's time the Democrats used these issues to attack America's number one fascist enemies, otherwise known as The Republican Party.

November 26, 2023

What if Trump were president during today's hostage situation?

Would any rational person want Trump in charge while 200+ children, women, and men were being held hostage by terrorist organizations such as Hamas and other groups of their ilk?

I guess my first questions are: "Would Donald Trump care about who was holding people as hostages? Would it be a priority to him?"
Does anyone think he'd be able to pull together a coalition of countries to solve this situation? Would he even grasp the concept of international cooperation?

If you're a MAGA monitoring this thread, what do you think? ls the person you want to be your leader capable of negotiating the delicate situation that now exists? Would he care about it? -- What if a few hundred white, Christian, Europeans were taken hostage by some terrorist organization? Seems to me, you would care about that. Would you really expect your preferred leader to bring those hostages home alive? Think about it. Please.

As for the rest of us, I'm grateful that Trump is currently nowhere near any decision-making position. Just as a guess, if he were president right now, he'd threaten to nuke Hamas, unless they freed all of their (American) hostages.

Be glad that Joe Biden is currently the President of the United States. And remember it when you cast your vote in 2024.

November 24, 2023

The NY Times is not Fox "news."

The NY Times is one of the favorite targets of many here on DU. However, I believe they are still one of the great newspapers in the world. (Having said that, I've put on my flak suit and helmet in preparation for the incoming attacks.)

I've been reading the NY Times since I was a teenager in high school. It helped get me interested in science, the arts, politics, history, geography, and the rest of the world around us. It kept me informed a whole lot about a whole lot.

And yes, they've fucked up over the years with too much "both sides do it," and their negligent coverage of the 9/11 Iraq lie. However, in every single election since 1960, they've endorsed the Democratic candidate for the presidency. That's 60 years of standing behind the Democrat's values and idea of America, as opposed to the mindless crap that Republicans try to feed us.

They're not MSNBC. But much of what is on MSNBC is opinion. Aside from the OP page, the NY Times is (mostly) about the practice of journalism. Think about this. How many MAGAs, and other wingnuts of every variety, have ever read the NY Times?

Why don't we all stop wasting keystrokes on those who are not our "Domestic Enemies" and trying to destroy our freedoms. If the NY Times went out of business tomorrow, the corrupt fascists called the Republican Party would be in joy beyond compare. Is that what we really want?

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