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Cyrano's Journal
Cyrano's Journal
October 23, 2023

Rachel Maddow's new book, "Prequel"

I'm halfway through Rachel Maddow's new book titled "Prequel." It's horrifying. It's about American fascism in the 1930's and 1940's. I'm finding that the only difference between then and now is the names of those involved. Rachel does not make comparisons to today's America, but they are obvious to anyone who is paying attention.

Here's an excerpt from the NY Times book review:

“Prequel,” which began as a podcast, follows groups of malcontents as they worked — determinedly if haplessly — to bring a bloody end to the American experiment. During the 1930s, paramilitary organizations with names like the Silver Legion, the Christian Front and the American White Guard planned acts of domestic terror, aiming to create chaos as a pretext for fascists to seize power. Nazi fetishists like Philip Johnson — later an acclaimed architect — set out in search of an American Hitler. (Johnson’s choice was the Louisiana senator Huey Long.) Others promised genocide. “There will be more Jew corpses cluttering up American gutters,” vowed the American White Guard founder Henry Allen, “than ever were found in the most ambitious European pogroms.”

They were fanatics, but as Maddow shows, they had powerful friends. Hundreds of New York City police officers joined the Christian Front in the late 1930s; National Guardsmen supplied the group with weapons. Isolationists in Congress recited talking points drawn up by the German Foreign Office in Berlin, vilifying Franklin D. Roosevelt and urging the United States to stay out of the war. One senator, Ernest Lundeen of Minnesota, had a Nazi agent as a speechwriter.

(Note: This link requires you to sign in, but the excerpt above tells you the core of what the book is about.)

October 10, 2023

All wars are brutal, ugly and inhumane. And it seems to me that that ugliness has impacted DU.

From what I've seen over the past few days, we are totally fractured over what has happened in Israel. Some place the blame on Israel, some place the blame on Palestinians, some place the total blame on Iran for fomenting, arming and enabling Hamas, some still dream of a two-state solution, and some are totally ignorant of the mid-East conflict but are putting up mindless posts. Nonetheless, Hamas has lit a fuse that will cause countless deaths on all sides for the foreseeable future. And it seems this was their aim.

If we here on DU can't reach common ground, it's not surprising that the never-ending Middle-East conflict has been going on since Israel declared statehood in 1948.

I've been involved in a few of these threads, and I find the hostility of some to be beyond what's acceptable. I never reply to posts that will only lead to more disagreement and hostility.

I guess my major complaint/bitching is our incivility towards each other. We're better than this and we must try to keep it civil.

October 8, 2023

It's impossible to understand the Israeli/Palestinian divide, without understanding some history.

Israel was recognized as a state in 1947 by the United Nations. Up until then, Great Britain controlled all of Palestine.

When the British pulled out in 1948, Israel declared itself a state and the new nation was immediately attacked by Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

The Jews repelled them and survived.

Over time, with the help of the U.S., Israel become the most advanced, powerful country in that part of the world, and America's closest and only democratic ally in the region.

There have been a few open wars between Israel and various Arab countries since then, but Israel always prevailed.

That's all in the past. Today, Israel's government is as divided as our own. And many Israeli's believe that their leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, is as corrupt and as unfit to govern as we consider Trump. The divide in Israel has grown wider over the past decade or so.

And now comes this attack by Hamas. Israel is in a bind. They have always been determined to save any single hostage. Now, they are faced with over a hundred hostages. What to do?

In the heat/anger/frustration of the moment, I've heard a few people say things like: "Bomb Gaza into the dark ages. And if the two million human beings who live in Gaza all die, so what?" Any Jew who thinks this way is, in effect, (whether they understand it or not), calling for another Holocaust.

Every American president since Harry Truman has tried "solving" the middle-Eastern "problem." None have succeeded.

What will be the outcome as a result of the Hamas raid on Israel? No one knows. And no one with any sense has tried to predict the future of the middle-East for the past 75 years.

But one thing we can be sure of. This situation is going to get a lot uglier before it gets better. And as much as I hope for the best, I expect the worst.

October 6, 2023

The MAGA's America

Below is a clip from the musical film, "Cabaret." It takes place in Germany of the early 1930's. It's a song called "Tomorrow Belongs To Me." Click on the link below and take three minutes to watch it. You may disagree with me, but I believe this is a snapshot of where America is today. And what may be on our horizon.


October 2, 2023

America is broken.

Millions must constantly make choices between rent, food, and medications. America is broken.

Millions don't believe in vaccinations. America is broken.

Millions watch Fox "news" and believe the unbelievable. America is broken.

Millions don't believe in climate change, or science. America is broken.

Millions vote for a political party that is destroying them. America is broken

Millions love, back, and intend to vote for an insane presidential candidate. America is broken.

Millions don't believe in democracy (and can't even define it). America is broken.

Millions don't understand that taxes are the price of civilization. America is broken.

Millions don't understand that banning books leads to book burning. America is broken.

Millions don't understand that burning books leads to burning people. America is broken.

Millions don't understand that we are becoming the fascism we have always fought. America is broken.

Millions don't understand that our survival as a free country is on the line. America is broken.

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