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Gender: Male
Hometown: Palm Beach County, Florida
Member since: Fri Apr 16, 2004, 02:36 PM
Number of posts: 14,688

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A curtain of darkness is falling upon America and the world

From Italy, to Hungary, to Sweden, to Argentina, to Uruguay, to Chile, to so many other countries on our small planet, including, the United States of America, fascism is advancing or has won control.

To all Americans who thought "It Can't Happen Here," look around. ITS HAPPENING HERE.

I don't understand why so many are attracted to fascism. In the last century, we saw how it almost took over the world, before it was stopped. And we saw countless tens of millions of human beings die because of it. Seems far too many people can't or won't learn from history.

What at one time was America's conservative Republican Party, has been fully devoured by those who believe in, and are determined to bring about, an America ruled by fascism.

Democracy is in danger of falling world-wide, and if it happens, many, if not most of us, will spend the near future, or the rest of our lives, under the thumbs of ruthless dictators. Who would want that? Those who get to be part of and run those dictatorships. In other words, a small minority of our country's, (and the world's), population wants total control over the vast majority of humanity.

It's amazing how easily so many human beings can be conned into putting their own necks into the yoke of oppression. The bait is most often hatred of "The Other." That's called ignorance. And it's why those who seek to own us all are against educated populations.

So the bottom line is, we all have to get out and vote, (and hope that those votes get counted). But is that enough? We Americans have a core of dedicated domestic enemies. Is our dedication to democracy and our freedoms as strong as their devotion to their cause? I guess we'll find out after the upcoming elections.

But back to that headline above. I really believe that all of us must find a way to do more to ensure that human darkness does not come to full power. Those who want that power are focused, ruthless and relentless. Are we capable of prevailing?

So Repubs want to dump Social Security and ObamaCare. Surprise!

Actually, it's no surprise at all. This has been part of their silent agenda for many years. Now, some of them are saying it out loud. In truth, they want to wipe out every liberal social program that Democrats have created over the last 80 years.

Hey, all you Senior MAGA's and Q's out there. How do you feel about that? Fucked? Good.

I can only hope the mainstream media focuses more on what will no longer exist if Republicans ever gain full control of the levers of power. Why are Republicans such pricks? Because all they care about is their own wealth, power, and well-being. Beyond that, they don't really give a damn who becomes impoverished, or who lives or dies. They are the Party of Death, and about a third of Americans keep voting for them. Go figure.

Trump is a "cornered animal" and more dangerous than ever

If you haven't noticed, he's totally lost it. His belief that, "I can declassify secret information with my thoughts," borders on what any reasonable human being might consider to be insane.

As the walls/law close in on him, from the DOJ, to various State investigations, and public opinion, he becomes more desperate. And there may be nothing more dangerous than an ignorant, arrogant, narcissist, who is the leader/icon/"god" of a cult of millions of people.

Trump, and pricks such as Lindsey Graham, have threatened violence in the streets if "Dear Leader" is indicted for anything. In short, Trump, Graham and others believe they can end our democracy by publicly and loudly telling us that they will unleash their thugs upon America if/when we fight back.

Time to stop listening to their bullshit. If they unleash their thugs, Joe Biden can "unleash" the United States military forces to crush these domestic enemies.

Yes, it may get ugly for a while. But we will not cave to their threats. Rather, various prosecutors should enhance and speed up their efforts to stop this madman and those weak minded enough to believe and follow him.

But let's not underestimate this crazed, "cornered animal." He will do anything and everything to save his ass, even if it means destroying America in the process. He cannot be permitted to do this. Perhaps it's time to deport/exile him to save our country. There's nothing in the Constitution that covers this current situation, or saving ourselves from a madman, but the Constitution isn't a suicide pact. Time to rid ourselves of the crazy.

TFG says he can declassify stuff by thinking about it???

Wow. He can declassify all of America's secrets and top secret info at will. His power of thought is amazing. This is a "super-power" that no other president ever had. If his thoughts are that powerful, why didn't he just create that wall between the U.S. and Mexico by just thinking about it? Why didn't he disappear all Blacks, Muslims, Brown people, Jews, "elitists," and each and every lib, by just thinking about it?

I suppose there are limits to his magical thinking. After all, why didn't he just use it to make the actual 2020 election vote count come out in his favor?

Perhaps there are things that limit his thought powers just like Kryptonite fucks up Superman. Maybe our Constitution, the DOJ, the very concept of legality, not to mention that annoying thing called "reality", all weaken the incredible power of Trump's mind.

Oops, I just used the words "Trump," and "incredible mind power," in the same sentence. That seems to be a cue that it's time to stop speculating on his sanity.
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