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Cyrano's Journal
Cyrano's Journal
August 31, 2022

Time to stop playing fuck around with the maniac

Get all necessary warrants needed to search every propertly he owns for whatever documents he's still hiding.

Indict and try him for stealing secret and top secret documents that the FBI has already retrieved. (If any other American had done this, he/she would already be sitting in a cell.)

Indict and try him for fomenting an attempted coup d'etat against the government of the United States. -- After all, we all saw him, live on TV, incite his "army" on January 6th to halt the finalization of the 2020 election that he lost. (If any other American had tried this, he/she would already be sitting in a cell.)

Those are only two of the obvious things that he should/could be indicted for at this very moment.

And I'm sure that anyone who thinks about it for a short while, can come up with a list of crimes he publicly committed over the past six years, both in and out of office.

The American Revolution was about getting rid of a king and declaring our independence. It's past time to get rid of "King" Trump. We shouldn't put up with this shit for one more instant.

And, oh yeah, about that "Violence in the streets" if "Dear Leader" is arrested. Joe Biden can declare martial law, call out the military, and see to it that any and all who commit such violence end up sitting in jail cells.

I'm sure there are a few thousand lawyers out there who will tell me why none of this can be done. Nonetheless, if it looks like a traitor, smells like a traitor, and acts like a traitor, it's very likely he's a traitor. And anyone, ANYONE, who has committed these crimes should be indicted and tried as soon as possible. (Whatever legal argument is put forward, the Constitution is not a suicide pact.)

And one more thing. The Republican Party will vow revenge if the orange shit is tried, found guilty and jailed. Many, if not most of them have aided and abetted the traitor. They have become, in short, nothing more than a criminal organization. If any of us had done what so many of them had done, we'd be sitting in jail cells.

August 19, 2022

The incredible power the prick still holds

Trump has an army of mindless people on call. He can activate them in a moment and point them toward anyone he decides needs tens of thousands of death threats. There's no doubt he's a dangerous beast. However, there doesn't seem to be any way to seal that hate megaphone in his face called a mouth.

Beyond the wingnut outlets, (Fox "news" et. al.), the main stream media can't help but contribute to his marching orders. If he says something, it's "news" and they can't ignore it.

Given what a horrible, grotesque dick Trump is, I fail to grasp how or why so many look up to him as "Dear Leader." He's one of the most despicable human beings imaginable. Really, what's wrong with these people who thrive on ignorance, lies, cruelty and hate. And who ever realized there were so many of them?

I guess the most obvious answer is that their sickness is racism. Fear that "The Other" will take over "Their" country. This is a mental disease for which no vaccine or antidote has yet been discovered. And let's also throw "tribalism" into the mixture of poison.

America has gone through many ugly moments, yet, this particular one may destroy us. We are one or two elections away from losing our country and our freedoms. In controlling the Supreme Court, we've seen the damage the right wing is capable of. If they win/steal the congress and the presidency, America is over.

Let's hope it doesn't come to that. But if it does, what are your plans? Are you going to stay and fight? Will you stay and make believe you've bought into the insanity? Or are you going to use your passport to get to someplace "safe." I put "safe" in parenthesis because if the Republican Party controls America, I'm not sure that anyplace in the entire world will be "safe."

For many decades, most of the world considered America "The Bedrock of Democracy." It may be that, in the very near future, America will be a place that will be feared by the entire world.

August 1, 2022

Lindsey Graham tells Georgia to fuck off


The state of Georgia has subpoenaed Senator Lindsey Graham to testify in their investigation into Trump's attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. Graham evidently made calls to Georgia, as did Trump, on tape, who was trying to influence the Georgia outcome of the election. They want to know what Graham knows about this and what his own calls were about.

He's fighting the subpoena in court, as he has every right to do. The latest argument is that he has something called "sovereign immunity" because he's a United States Senator.

Assume for a moment that he was an eye witness to a murder. Would he still be able to refuse to testify because of this "sovereign immunity" thing? Actually, he's being called to testify in an investigation that is, however you want to phrase it, the president of the United States making calls to Georgia officials as part of, what we all now know, to be a coup d'etat. But Lindsey doesn't want to talk about anything to do with what we call, sedition. (After all, what would a United States Senator know about such a horrible crime?)

If you or I were subpoenaed by Georgia, we could also hire a lawyer, but we don't have any of that "sovereign immunity" stuff. And you can bet your ass we'd end up testifying in this investigation.

Can we once and for all put this "No One Is Above The Law" bullshit to rest and never mention it again. If you live in this country and don't hold a position of power, you are not above the law. If you hold a position of power, (or vast wealth), the law doesn't apply to you.

Will Lindsey end up testifying in Georgia? I wouldn't bet two cents on it. He's too important. He's too powerful. And he's obviously got something to hide about his own phone calls.

Let me close this mini rant by saying that "The Law" in America is fucked up and will remain so as long as we keep electing corrupt people to positions of power.

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