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Cyrano's Journal
Cyrano's Journal
May 31, 2022

Imagine cutting a huge fart while speaking at a podium

Imagine* taking a crap on America with a camera and microphone in your face.

Imagine lighting a match to the Constitution and being cheered for it.

Imagine loudly spewing hatred and bigotry countrywide to turn Americans against each other.

Imagine doing a weird little dance at an NRA Convention, after stumbling through reading the names of children murdered in Texas.

We don't have to imagine it. It happened. TFG, yeah, Trump, is a disease that's far more dangerous than Covid.

He's a leech that clings. We're stuck with him. Far too many Republicans love the ignorance, the cruelty, the maliciousness, and the illusion of "superiority" he holds out to them.

But here's the reality of what he's done and is still doing. He's infected America with the the deadly poison that has existed within the Republican Party for decades. He tore their mask off. He pulled back the curtain. He made it plain who and what they are. He kicked open the door to hell.

Those who are not paying attention may soon be wondering how Republicans turned America into a dictatorship.

And if/when that happens, MAGAs who actually are paying attention, will be as happy as pigs in a pit of diarrhea.

Trump was the final straw that broke the elephant's back. He exposed them as people who don't give a shit about democracy or other people. He brought their ignorance and greed out into the open, along with, what so many of his followers call, "Christianity."

I know Joe, Nancy and Chuck are doing everything they can. But somehow, the Republicans/Fascists, always seem to be holding the upper hand. But this time around, all of our freedoms are on the line. We can't afford to lose. If we do, America is over. -- And the clock is running.

*(With apologies to John Lennon for using "Imagine" in this way.)

May 29, 2022

Texas Governor Abbott returns to the murder scene

President and First Lady Biden visited the site of the horrific murders of children and others in Uvalde, Texas today. While they were there, Governor Abbott, the enabler of the murderer, had the gall to show up. How dare he? How dare Abbott show his face on this hallowed ground. I find it hard to imagine how long it took to scrub the blood off his hands.

Abbott, Texas Republicans, and the entire Republican Party are drowning in the blood of countless children and adults who have been murdered. The reason they died was because Republicans are a wholly owned subsidiary of the NRA, weapons manufacturers, and billionaires who have their own agenda for turning America into a fascist state run by themselves.

But at this moment, it all comes into focus when you see Abbott, showing up with his "thoughts and prayers," in Uvalde, Texas. There just aren't words to cover this outrage. A man who allowed a weapon of war to be put into the hands of an unhinged teenager, knew beyond any doubt what the probable outcome would be, and didn't give a shit. Abbott, and the entire Republican establishment, are the face of evil.

It's past time for all of us to get into the fight for the soul of America.

May 26, 2022

Yes, these massacres are caused by insanity

The insanity of the Republican Party.

They fear their billionaire donors who profit from everything that kills human beings and our planet.

They fear losing their power and absolutely nothing else matters to them.

They fear imbeciles whose votes they need to keep that power.

They fear people will see through their hypocritical "thoughts and prayers" for human beings who were murdered.

They fear that people will finally "get" that they don't care about the heart-breaking, monstrous murder of children.

Their is nothing sane about what they have done, what they do, and what they will continue to do.

Where will the next massacre take place? Chicago? Seattle? Salt Lake City? Denver? St. Louis? Key West? Who knows?

All we know is that it will happen again. And again. And again. And it will keep happening unless we stop it.

How many more must die? How do we stop it? Somehow, someway, sane leaders, and the sane among us, must get through to all voters, -- rural, urban, black, white, brown, Christian, Mormon, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Shinto, agnostic, atheist, rich, poor, and everyone else, -- that the Republican Party is a death cult. They will destroy everyone and everything that stands in the way of their own wealth, power and their desire for the total "ownership" of humanity.

In reality there aren't that many of them. They may be "big" in terms of political power, but they're small in numbers. (One of George Carlin's most famous lines is: "It's a 'big' club. And you ain't in it." That's a gem of truth you can take to the bank.)

The Republican Party is a threat and a danger to America, and to the world. Their insanity is right up front and out there for everyone to see. Many of them may not actually believe in the craziness being sold by their cult. But it's too late for them to escape and they've got to keep mouthing stupid shit. They're in a prison of their own making.

Notice that the word "love" doesn't appear among any of the terms used to describe Republicans. They are driven by fear, greed, and some would add, evil. But we must recognize that they are more than just domestic enemies. They are enemies of humanity. And they must be stopped from ever again holding power. There is only one predictable ending that would result from their insanity.
May 24, 2022

Republicans unleashed the insane. The insane are murdering everyone they can.

Republicans don't just have blood on their hands. They are covered with it. And America is drowning in it.

Black people, brown people, Jewish people, children, seniors, and anyone in the wrong place at the wrong time. It doesn't matter who you are. The Republicans and their gun worshippers have turned America into a killing ground. And it ain't gonna' stop.

How do we put an end to it? The answer is easy. Ban private ownership of guns. How do we do it? We can't. Not until we rid ourselves of the Republican Party.

May 10, 2022

Do Dem leaders know there's a political war going on?

The Republican Party declared a political war on us decades ago.They trashed all the rules and, OPENLY, did whatever was necessary to own America and impose their fascist ideology on all of us. We saw it and did nothing.

TFG accelerated the process. And now, we're in a crazyland that we couldn't have imagined just a few short years ago.

So here are my questions:

O What are our leaders doing to defend us, and attack our domestic enemies?

O Are we just going to yell "GOTV" and hope for the best?

O Are we going to let the Republican propaganda machine triumph while we just knock on doors asking people to vote?

O Will any Democratic leader start acting like we're in an all out political war for our country?

O And if that "leader" comes along, exactly how is he/she going to engage in this "war for democracy" at this late stage?

O Do most people realize that our constitution, our freedoms, our country, our way of life are about to disappear forever?

May 9, 2022

Home schooling sucks

Home schooling many be okay in teaching the rules/facts of math, grammar, etc.

But, subjects such as those aside, home schooling can't teach you to deal with differing points of view.

It can't teach you to interact with other human beings.

It can't teach you to negotiate with others.

It can't teach you tolerance.

And in subjects such as history, social studies, some scientific theories, and more, it doesn't teach you to Think/Reason/Analyze. (Unless, of course, the person tutoring you is among the greatest minds in the history of human thought.)

So, IMO, home schooling, (in most cases), is for indoctrination, not education. And I believe it sucks unless there's no alternative.

Think I'm wrong? Tell me why.

May 8, 2022

Who knew there were so many ignorant or insane voters

The vast majority of Republican voters can't seem to grasp that, in casting a vote for a Republican, they are voting to raise their own "misery index," and lower their own financial well being.

About 74 million of them voted for Trump in 2020. Yet, if they didn't see back then how badly the Republicans were screwing America, how have they not seen it since?

Yeah, I've heard the explanations: "Cult," "Own the libs," "God is on our side," etc. But really, how incredibly dense do you have to be before you realize that you're fucking your own family, yourself, and all those who believe as you do?

I know that many (most?) of them can't spell "fascism." But imagine the betrayal they'll feel when they find that they too are "owned" and are nothing more than the property of the wealthy and powerful.

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