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Gender: Male
Hometown: Palm Beach County, Florida
Member since: Fri Apr 16, 2004, 02:36 PM
Number of posts: 14,667

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Here's what Putin wants. More.

Every world tyrant, every international gangster, and every state, city and local bully wants the same thing. More.

More respect, More wealth, More power, and More of anything and everything, until they own it all.

Putin is no different. He wants what every "conqueror," and would be "human god" in history wanted. He wants More.

But every would-be "owner" of planet Earth has a blind spot. Putin's is that he doesn't understand that he's hurting the wealthy and powerful Russian oligarchs. And they will, eventually, take him out. But not before he's caused a horrible amount of damage to human beings and our planet.

Over thousands of years, humans have not changed. Most want to survive and prosper. Some want what everyone else owns. Some day, those who want it all may be treated as mentally ill and a danger to humanity. People like Putin, and the countless greedy megalomaniacs who came before him over history, are incapable of grasping that concept.

Republicans can do what the Nazis failed to do

They can achieve absolute power. They can turn America from a democracy into a dictatorship. They can end up being our "owners." And, given our nuclear arsenal, they can threaten, (and perhaps even destroy), the rest of the world.

Those who still don't see it, or "get it," are hopelessly lost.

But those who do understand what their intentions are, must, MUST, find a way to stop them. I find it incredible that they are this close to the total destruction of all of our freedoms.

In WWII, Americans had to become as nasty as the enemy in order to defeat them. It's past time for all who stand against them, to once again get down into the mud and put an end to their diseased, deadly worldview.

There is much we can't say aloud here on DU, or on most other principled, online sites. But the reality is that America is at a historical crossroad. And the choices made now will determine the nature of the world to come.

And one more thought. Many here may think I'm an alarmist. Tell that to the 60 to 80 million human beings who perished during WWII.
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