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Gender: Male
Hometown: Palm Beach County, Florida
Member since: Fri Apr 16, 2004, 02:36 PM
Number of posts: 14,686

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Walking away from a possibly mentally disturbed person.

Early yesterday morning, I was in the supermarket and, while passing someone I know who works there, he asked me if I'd mailed in my ballot yet. I told him that I had.

There was a man with a shopping cart a bit behind me whom I hadn't noticed, and he'd overheard that short exchange. Unexpectedly, he said something like, "You people that mail in your ballots are probably liberals." I was dumbstruck. And so was the employee with whom I'd been speaking. I should explain that this guy behind me was a man who may have been in his late 60's or so, and who was trying to puff up his chest as much as possible.

Taking a deep breath, I said something like, "Why would you think that?"

His answer was: "Because most of you vote by mail."

I glanced at my employee friend and both of us were thinking the same thing. "Does this nut have a gun?"

Let me hold up on this encounter for a moment and ask what you would have done. Insult him? Tell him he was a MAGA imbecile? Intentionally slam your cart into his looking for an ugly confrontation?

Both the employee and myself made the same decision. We turned our backs and walked away from him.

There was no further encounter with this nut. But I spent the rest of the day thinking that I should have pushed it further. An action that may not have ended well for anyone. MAGAs have become a disease as dangerous as Covid, or perhaps even as dangerous as a cancer on America.

Would you have walked away?

Today's Republicans would do the equivalent in a heartbeat,

if/when they held the House and Senate.
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