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Cyrano's Journal
Cyrano's Journal
August 25, 2021


Paying attention to the news is both exhausting and depressing. Covid, medieval Afghan thugs, medieval Republican thugs, Manchin and Sinema, increasing climate disasters, and so, so much more.

I suppose there are a couple of bright spots like Biden's Herculean effort to evacuate Afghans in peril, and Nancy Pelosi's ability to pull together the Democratic caucus. But for the most part, the world, at the moment, seems to be mostly doom and gloom.

Do you suppose humanity is a mistake? If some sort of "Supreme Being" exists, would He/She/It have created this? And if there is no supreme universal intelligence, are we just random atoms floating around in an indifferent vacuum? (Full disclosure: I'm a devout agnostic.)

Yesterday evening, I had a couple of drinks, turned off the TV and sat around for a while wondering if "God" was some kind of eternal version of Donald Trump. Then I picked up a good book I've been reading and escaped into a comfortable parallel universe.

August 8, 2021

Palm Beach County, FL tells DeSantis to fuck off

Governor DeSantis tried to forbid masks in schools by threatening to withhold state funds from any school that didn't pay attention to his insanity. Palm Beach County didn't pay attention.

PBC now requires all students to be masked, unless they have a note from their parents to the contrary. Good for them. The county votes mostly Democratic and isn't about to pay any attention to Republicans who are trying to sicken or murder children.

August 4, 2021

Can you name any successful conservative comedians?

I think that Trump suspended all White House Press Corp roasts during the time he infested the White House. My guess is the only thing that he burst into laughter over was watching January 6th unfold.

Conservatives are the butt of many comedian's jokes. But can anyone name one conservative comedian who's actually funny? Or any conservative comedian at all?

August 4, 2021

I live in Florida. My governor is a prick.

Governor Ron DeSantis has declared no masks in schools and will withhold state funds from any school that requires masks.

You just know this prick is vaccinated, yet he's discouraging anyone else from getting a shot or wearing a mask.


DeSantis doesn't give a rat's ass who lives, dies, or becomes radically sick. I really wonder if Republicans are descended from the same species as the rest of us.

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