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Cyrano's Journal
Cyrano's Journal
February 28, 2021

That gold statue is beyond sick

These people are more fucked up than we thought they were. They're actually worshiping some grotesque piece of crap wrapped in a flag (and holding a bible?).

Their alternate reality is a place to which they want to take America and they'll do it at the point of a gun. We're laughing at them and mocking them, while we should be doing everything possible to quarantine them, shun them, and make them irrelevant. They are an imminent and deadly threat to all of us.

When fascism was threatening the world in the 20th Century, America stepped up and defeated it. Now, fascism is here among us and owns the Republican Party. We can't afford to let them take (steal) power again. They would pose a threat to the entire world.

February 27, 2021

We underestimate Trump and his crazies at our own peril

This article from Buzzflash is a must read. Trump is not only "not going away," but he and his cult pose a mortal danger to our freedoms.

A BuzzFlash Editor’s Commentary entitled, “Progressives Must Stop Getting Queasy Over Comparing Trumpism to Nazism,” detailed how Trump, while obviously not being an exact replica of Hitler, is utilizing many of his propaganda techniques ... to still try and achieve dictatorial power.

A key strategy of Hitler’s was to normalize the transformation of German society into a nation weaponized, with scapegoating as the justification, over a period of many years, until the horrifying became acceptable “patriotism.” What is happening in the post-inauguration stage of Trump’s American version of “Mein Kampf” (as dramatized, metaphorically, in Philip Roth’s “Plot Against America” on HBO Max) is a continuing normalization of sedition, insurrection, violence and hate galvanized by a continued big lie that “enemies of the people” stole the election from Trump. Indeed, the Insurrection is being sanitized by Congressional Republicans so as not to “taint” the big lie with the truth.


Even out of office, Trump continues the normalization of a seditionist authoritarian government, built upon a foundation of lies, even as most advocates of democracy believe the peril to the Union is past. It’s not.

Trump will be ramping up the big lie, test marketing how far he can push, as his worshiping cult and elected GOP acolytes promote the idea that the White House is temporarily occupied by a usurper.

February 16, 2021

So Wile E. Coyote runs off a cliff,

remains suspended in space until he looks down and realizes there's nothing under him, and only then does gravity kick in.

At this moment, the Republican Party is hovering, but at some point reality will kick in. They are living in a crazed denial of political gravity and will be unable to escape the consequences. But until they fall, they are a great danger to democracy and they might just take us crashing down with them. History provides us with many examples of what the near-term future could bring.

The derangement inflicting them has been there for many decades, but it took a madman to unleash it and bring it out into the open. So here we are with an unrepentant madman, an incredible number of people believing that Dems drink blood and eat babies, and many others trying to bring about their dreams of fascism. If the Republicans can implement their many voter-suppression plans, they could just take over the congress in two years. That can't be permitted to happen.

Right now, Democrats are holding the levers of power and must use them to their fullest. The twin viruses of Covid and Republican madness must be defeated. Sanity must be restored. The alternative is unthinkable.

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