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Cyrano's Journal
Cyrano's Journal
November 14, 2021

Is the America we know coming to an end?

Hate mail, death threats, random violence, spreading fear and intimidation, book banning and burning: This is now the norm of the Republican Party's base. And what do elected Republicans have to say about any of this? Nothing. Not a word. Not a peep. Not a frown. Some of them heartily agree with this way of operating. And those who don't like what's going on are keeping their mouths shut out of fear for their jobs and fear for their personal safety. This is today's Republican Party which is on the cutting edge of turning America into a fascist hell.

The mindless haters have been whipped up by the likes of Trump, Majorie Taylor Greene, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, and countless others in a party that has gone bugshit mad. IMO, a couple of them are truly insane while others are riding the crazy train hoping to fulfill their personal ambitions of becoming top dog. -- And let's not leave out the purely evil, deadly propaganda spread every moment of every day by Fox "news."

Can they be stopped before they can seize all the levers of power? Beats me. Maybe Merrick Garland and the DOJ are doing far more than is apparent to any of us. And maybe they're not. But even if enough voters come to their senses and try to vote these cretins out of office, what about those states where Republcan state legislatures can override the will of the voters and appoint the next whoever they want to appoint.

This isn't the America that existed less than a dozen years ago. Not only are we going downhill, but we're picking up speed. And the 2022 election is now just a year away and coming at us like a souped up bulldozer.

To those of you who will condemn this as "Just another doom and gloom post" I say this. Call it what you will. But the tide of fascist shit is above your waist and rising. And if/when you finally "get it," it may just be too late.

And for those of you who ask, "Well what can we do about it?" my answer is "very little." It's up to our elected Democratic leaders to stop the onslaught of the barbarians. All we can do is give them all the support possible.

November 7, 2021

Why can't Democrats win in rural areas?

Actually, the answer isn't that deep. In general, people who live in rural areas tend to be less well educated than urban and suburban populations. Rural voters tend to tune out white papers, sophisticated explanations, or statistics that show they're better off under Democrats. And this makes it much simpler for Republicans to hit those rural voters at the gut level.

I've always wondered why a state like Pennsylvania is up for grabs until someone who lives there explained to me that Pennsylvania is Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in the middle. Which makes Pennsylvania a lot more rural than it seems.

Democrats are tearing their hair out wondering how they can get the rural vote. The answer is, they can't unless they start using the Republican "Southern Strategy." But then they wouldn't be Democrats any longer.

Anyhow, rural America's rural election turnout requires a massive turnout for Democrats in urban and suburban areas. And the Supreme Court might just cause this to happen if they kill abortion and let everyone carry a gun.

Interesting article on this issue in today's WaPo. (Link below.)


November 5, 2021

Message from the future

I don't know whether or not this will reach you. We sent it through an Amaz-Meta unit that seems like it may have some kind of ability to send messages to the past.

We don't know what year it is, but what the hell. It's just a number.

From the little we know, it seems as though you people may have had a somewhat reasonable jumping off point to build a better world. Those who are left from your time, (the Old Ones), are now very few and we don't know whether the tales they tell us are true. Some of them say that almost eight billion people lived on this planet. We laugh at that number. After all, there aren't many of us and it's impossible that billions of human beings could have been so incredibly fucked up. (It's probably an old fable of some kind.)

The Old Ones tell us about plentiful clean water, food and air which you people poisoned. We don't know what really happened, but we think it's just one of those Old One's shared fantasies. (They do tend to exaggerate. They say that most people had electricity.)

Anyhow, some of them talk of something called "politics." They mumble about how this thing came to cause world-wide conquest, war, famine and death. Hard to put any meaning into their fading memories.

But, whatever. If somehow, this message gets through to you, know that those of us left are a dying species. We are working on survival, but our hopes are dim. However, we suspect that what happened in the past can change the future. Maybe you all can do something different to give us more of a chance of continuing on. I don't know what it is that you did do, but whatever it was really fucked us.

Anyhow, if you're reading this message, why don't you try doing something different?

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