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Gender: Male
Hometown: Palm Beach County, Florida
Member since: Fri Apr 16, 2004, 02:36 PM
Number of posts: 14,351

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Obama: "One brief shining moment."

"One brief shining moment" is a song line from the show "Camelot."

Today, I've been hit by a wave of depression. We had eight years of an outstanding man of character, conscience and decency occupying the White House. And there was never a moment of any day that we worried about our freedoms, our protections, our country, or the guarantees of our Constitution.

The Republicans tried hard to crap on him and discredit him, but they've been doing that since FDR. So what else is new? And their icing on the cake was that they were attacking a black man and they knew that would bring joy to their base.

Nonetheless, think of the years 2009 to 2016. Even against GOP resistance, he got Obamacare past those malevolent pricks and it's made life a little better for many millions of Americans. Including those who hate him but will never "get it."

Jeeez, I miss that man. (Not to mention Michelle. If you haven't read her book, "Becoming," get a copy from the library and make your day/week.)

Every moment of the past three plus years, during which the White House has been infested by malignant ogres, makes Obama seem like some distant dream of what America was supposed to be and should be.

I'd love to see a history book from a future, sane, restored America. I have no doubt that Obama will be very close to the top of the list of Great American Presidents.

Insanity unleashed

I've been busy and missed Trump's insane pardoning spree until an hour or two ago. I guess we're lucky that Ted Bundy and Charles Manson are dead, or Trump may have pardoned them too. What's it going to take to rid us of the depravity of this beastly creature? Not to mention the criminal Republican Party that unleashed him to do anything and everything to anyone and everyone.

Yesterday, a "casual acquaintance" of mine, a Trump zombie, was praising "Dear Leader" and I exploded. I let go with a red-faced rant that lasted for a few rage-filled minutes. I don't think this guy I unloaded on is a "casual acquaintance" any longer. No great loss. Life is too short to tolerate people who love cruel, malicious people.

If some power/intelligence/sentience may exist in the universe, it was wise to come up with limited life spans. Otherwise, I'd be stuck spending eternity stewing about Trump and his cult of "good Nazis." Who ever thought that so many millions of Americans could be deaf to the echoes of history?

What a magnificent moment

The instant that Nancy Pelosi tore apart the "speech" that contained the shit that spewed from Trump's mouth, will be viewed as a moment of greatness.

No one will ever remember what the Orange Creature said. But Americans of the future will hail Nancy Pelosi's act of defiance against a cruel, malignant despot as a moment of American greatness.

Nancy, that act of brilliance will go down in the history books. Long after we all are gone, your inspirational act of spitting on Trumpism will always be recognized and will inspire people everywhere.

You have become a symbol of what decent people must do when confronted by evil.

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