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Cyrano's Journal
Cyrano's Journal
January 27, 2020

Are Republicans a different species than the rest of us?

Will science, someday, uncover a "Republican gene?"

I'm only half serious here, but who can deny that there is a vast difference between the emotional/psychological makeups of Democrats and Republicans.

Do they have consciences? Do they give a shit about the declining health of planet Earth? Do they care about the poisonous political system and the unlivable planet they're leaving their children and grandchildren? I think not.

I've done mind experiments in which I've tried to see the world the way they do. And each time I've done it, I've considered that suicide is a preferable alternative to that mindset.

These are a couple of broad generalities, but, most Republicans seem to thrive on hatred and greed, while most Democrats seem to thrive on tolerance and sharing the world's resources.

So are we talking about two different species of beings here? Who knows?

You can take what I'm saying here with a huge grain of salt. But can anyone really explain why Republicans see the world and other humans as things to be exploited, while Democrats long for a world of good and plenty for all?

January 1, 2020

For anyone who doesn't get it, the GOP are our deadly enemies

Let me put this clearly as possible.

Today's Republican Party is the deadly enemy of human decency and American Democracy.

They don't give a flying shit about your well-being, your job security, your standard of living, your children, your health, your minimum wage, your retirement, -- or even your very existence.

Understand this: THEY DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU. You and I are nothing to them except cheap labor, unless they can find it cheaper, elsewhere.

Oh, and as for you people who constantly vote for Republicans, I'm including you as those who are getting fucked every day of your lives. You just don't "get it." Do you understand what Republicans are? Do you understand what they're doing to you? Some of those you vote for are among the most ignorant, uncaring, greedy, cruel people in existence. But they are fucking you, as well as almost everyone you know, and as well as most Americans.

If you are unable to do anything else to affect your life, remember this. Don't ever, ever vote for a Republican for anything. Some of them don't know it, but most of them do. Their mission in life is to, at a minimum, fuck you, and at a maximum, to destroy you.

Voting for Democrats and putting them in power to the maximum extent, everywhere, won't make the world into a Utopia. But, at a bare minimum, you will be voting for people who care about you and will do their best to make this a better world for all of us.

Note: This OP is derived from a reply I posted on another thread. It's just more succinct and to the point.

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