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Cyrano's Journal
Cyrano's Journal
November 29, 2020

NY Times op-ed prints "Thoughts from wingnutville."

I don't know how many here on DU read Maureen Dowd who only appears in the NY Times on Sundays. She can be snarky, funny, or irrelevant (as can we all). She's a Democrat and occasionally mentions her right wing family. In today's NY Times, she turned the space for her op-ed column over to her wingnut brother. Seems that wingnuts don't just live in a different universe, they also live in some sort of warped "reality." Here's the link.


November 28, 2020

This may start a DU dispute," but

Joe Biden won the presidency and most of our down ticket (congresspeople, senators, and state representatives) lost. Like it or not, we are a minority party.

IMO, the reason for those losses can be summed up in four words: "Defund the police" and "socialism."

Words have meaning and Republicans have far more understanding of this than do we.

Nobody wants to "defund the police." What that phrase means seems to mean is that we should not give any money to sustain a police force of any kind. What it really means is to stop buying the police surplus military weaponry and put that money to better use.

And then there's "socialism." Most people think that socialism and communism are synonymous. They're not. Socialism was only tried once on this planet. It was in the kibbutzim established by Israel to settle the survivors of the Holocaust. And it worked. Everyone shared, and sustained a humane world that, eventually, led to better lives for all.

(In reality, Russia, China, Cuba and many other countries never practiced Communism. They used that word, but, in reality, they were just fascists using a different title.)

We Dems are in danger of forever losing this country to many selfish, greedy, bigoted, cruel, hateful people who call themselves Republicans.

Time for us to change the words we use to win over the majority of decent Americans. And "defund the police," and "socialism," aren't those words.

Republicans have ruled us and ruined us over the past 50 years because they know how to convince people with their propaganda/words.

Time we caught up. Or we will be the ones who end up on the dust heap of history.

Today's Republican Party has one thing to offer us. Fascism. That's who they are. That's what they are.

November 21, 2020

Trump's Karma has already kicked in

It’s unlikely that the Trump creature will ever go to jail. And even if he’s fined for his every last dollar, his MAGAts will donate enough to keep him financially secure for the rest of his miserable existence.

But here’s the good news. Donald Trump will never again have another day of peace for rest in his life. He will find himself without cronies, (he never had a friend), broke, and facing endless government and civil prosecutions. His life of grifting may not be over since he will wring every cent he can from those who still love “Dear Leader.” But his life of “being in charge” will soon be gone.

Before becoming president, he fucked every contractor who ever worked for him, sold steaks, colleges, and every piece of pure bullshit imaginable to scam money from people who had hopes, dreams and little money. He’s spent his entire life stealing from those who didn’t “get it.” And then he played on the fears and racism of far too many Americans (and with the help of Vladimir Putin) to turn the American presidency into an office of pure cruelty, hatred and destruction.

His perception of his “own magnificence” didn’t end on Nov. 3. He lost the election. But ever since, he’s been in courts, threatening state legislators, and tweeting his ass off that he won. It ain’t working.

And normal human beings can only rejoice in his impotence and fear. He’s over, done through. Except for one small thing. -- He’s still pResident for about eight more weeks. And, in theory, he can nuke Iran, Sweden, Detroit, or anyplace else that pisses him off at any moment. I truly believe (hope?) the military leadership will ignore his orders/insanity.

This bitter, cruel, beastly creature is now suffering because the scams that he has practiced his whole life are no longer working. He fears what lies ahead if he can’t cling to the power of the presidency. He fears that his puppet master, Putin, will desert him once he’s no longer of use. He fears being prosecuted for his crimes that aren't covered by a presidential pardon. He fears the wrath of decent human beings.

May he live long in fear and suffer horribly.

October 23, 2020

This stain will never wash away

Kidnapped and imprisoned. Five hundred plus children stolen from their parents and caged. Children who may never again see their parents. Parents who may never again see their children.

American "leadership" is guilty of this. Yes, it was Trump and his thugs who did it. Why isn't it still the ultimate crime in your mind? Do you think about it often? Is it in your mind every day?

It was done under the orders of Donald Trump. It was done in the name of America. And five hundred plus children may never again see their parents, and those parents may never again see their children because of the beast named Donald Trump.

Yeah, we're all outraged. But if a mass kidnapping and imprisonment like this had happened just five years ago, wouldn't we have been in the streets? Wouldn't we have stormed the White House? Wouldn't we have demanded the construction of a guillotine?

What is this magic immunity that Trump has to stave off the incredible evilness of his deeds??

I don't know if he can be prosecuted as a war criminal, but he can sure as hell be held accountable for his crimes against humanity. And I won't even start to list them because they are endless.

No American president has ever been prosecuted for his crimes. But somehow, someway, Trump must be prosecuted for his disregard of humanity and the deaths of the hundreds of thousands who have died from Covid-19 due to his indifference. I doubt that stupidity would be an effective defense.

And those children ...

October 22, 2020

After a few hundred years, it's time to update a meme

The TV camera is mightier than the sword.

But, like the pen, that "mightier" can be used for good, evil, mindlessness, mental doodles, or meaningless nothings.

There are probably many other century-old memes that could also use updating. Do you have one or two?

October 13, 2020

Without voter suppression, the Republican Party couldn't exist

It wasn't always thus. But today's Republican Party has evolved into a horror that thrives on endless hypocrisy and boundless evil. Perhaps twenty to thirty percent of Americans are taken in by them. And these are people who can't grasp the reality that they're voting for people whose ideology is to fuck them, while transferring all wealth to the haves.

In any educated society, Republicans would be recognized as the sociopaths they are and would be ostracized. This is why they keep taking money from education.

The reality is that they are all Donald Trump. Most of them are just less obvious about it.

September 24, 2020

We're in the midst of a coup d'etat

which should be blatantly obvious to everyone. If Trump moves to carry out this coup during the election, the military must stop him and appoint the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, as acting president while all the ballots are counted.

What justifies the military doing this? The oath they all took which in part says, "... and to defend the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." (underline and bold type added) If Trump isn't a domestic enemy of our democracy, then words are meaningless.

September 22, 2020

A minority of maniacs/misfits/miscreants is hell bent on total destruction

"Christian" fundamentalists who demand to impose their beliefs on us, ignorant know nothings, neo-Nazis and total morons, comprise a minority of American voters who just luv themselves an orange beast and his enablers.

These people are perhaps genetically different from the rest of us. Their brains don't work the same way as ours. Their morality is grotesquely skewed towards causing misery. They're blind to the fact that their political beliefs would make, not only us, but also themselves slaves to dear leader and his twisted, demented elves.

Yes, we must all get out there and vote Biden into the White House and turn the senate over to the Democrats. But it will be a Herculean task to repair the vast damage that has been done to us and our country.

And while we repair, rebuild, restructure, we must hold the destroyers answerable. Two hundred thousand dead and counting. Children ripped from their parents and caged. Shredding Constitutional norms. Turning our government into a malignant, oppressive criminal organization. This must never be allowed to happen again. And the way to help ensure that is to judge them accordingly and treat them as the totally evil horror they are.

August 25, 2020

Their are three ways to oust a president. We need a fourth.

1. Vote him/her out of office.

2. Impeachment in the house and conviction in the senate.

3. The 25th Amendment to the Constitution.

We've found that options 2 and 3 are virtually useless in today's circumstance. Will option 1 succeed given that we have a beast in office who will do anything and everything possible to steal the election? We'll see.

But even assuming that we succeed in voting this creature out of office, we have seen that even elections offer us no certainty in ridding ourselves of a monster.

"In order to form a more perfect union," we need a fourth alternative.

What should it be? I don't know. Perhaps a panel of a dozen American Nobel Prize recipients who, by some predetermined means, can step in, debate the issues and reach a decision on whether or not a president is fit to retain office. But something even remotely like that would probably require a constitutional amendment which would have little chance of passing.

In the meantime, were this president to steal another term, or a future president like him to come along, we'd be so, so fucked. And that's why I state that we need a fourth option to rid ourselves of such a possibility.


(On edit: I see a few posts that have hinted at the obvious. "Hinted," because they don't want a visit from the Secret Service. So let me say this. This is NOT a fourth option. This is DU. We are Democrats. That's not who we are. That's not what we are. Please, don't even joke about it. And if that sounds a bit too pious, let me quote Obama. -- When they go low, we go high.)

August 16, 2020

Trump can't possibly win. But he will do everything to steal it.

Those who actually believe that Trump can win this November are deluding themselves. There aren't enough ignorant, brain dead, or insane voters in America to put him over the top, even with the help of the electoral college. (Disagree? Fine. Let's hear your argument.)

But he, along with the criminals who call themselves the Republican Party, can steal it.

Fucking up the USPS is happening right out in the open. Think this isn't a major criminal act to make sure our votes aren't counted, but don't even arrive? Wake the fuck up. This is fascism at work.

At the state level, a few Republican senators are in deep shit. And they too will do anything and everything to hold onto power. And they'll do it legally or illegally. This is who they are. This is what they are. The only difference between them and Trump is that they are more adept at disguising their corruption.

Here's my personal feelings about all of this. At one point in life, I really believed in truth, honor, justice and "The American Way." I played by the rules, I'm a veteran, and it took me a very long time to understand that 99% of it was pure bullshit.

Understand and recognize what we are up against. Understand that they represent pure evil. Fight them every inch of the way. And vote, even if you have to crawl to a polling place. If they steal it, America is over. We must, MUST win.

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