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Cyrano's Journal
Cyrano's Journal
January 8, 2019

It won't be necessary to impeach him

He is growing more insane daily. One day, the Secret Service will find him foaming at the mouth while chewing on the edge of a rug. When they try to pull him away, he will bite a few of them. Given the mouth foam, they will all be checked for rabies.

This is how his "presidency" will end. Not in impeachment, but in a straight jacket.

January 6, 2019

An insane President and a criminal Senate. Go figure.

The Founding Fathers didn't anticipate the fix we're in today. Nor could they have. They wrote a Constitution that was intended to ensure freedom for all, (except for black people and women). But somehow, they missed the possibility of a Trump-like creature, and an entirely corrupt political party, existing simultaneously. None of them could have foreseen this dire threat to the existence of a free, sane democracy.

Some may take issue with me calling Trump insane. Okay. I can understand that. But if he's not insane, then a new definition of the word "insane" is required to explain him, his actions, his mindlessness, his cruelty and his very existence.

And who could possibly have foreseen an entire political party, in total control of the Senate, turning into a criminal entity?

Well here we are.

Destiny/fate/"We The People," or, at least, enough sane voters, have given the Democratic Party partial control of the government. Is it enough to stop the madness? I guess we're going to find out in the not-to-distant future.

But here's the "silver lining." Democrats have elected to congress, an unprecedented number of women, blacks, Latins, Muslims, Native Americans, and out-and-out, unabashed liberals. And this is driving Republicans OUT. OF. THEIR. MOTHERFUCKING. MINDS.

Many of those who were excluded from that original Constitution are now holding positions of power. And it's happened just in time to oppose an insane President and a criminal Senate. Fate? Karma? Or perhaps there is some incomprehensible "intelligence" driving this thing we call the universe.

Still, we are the ones who must deal with a madman "in charge," and a criminal organization protecting him. The Founding Fathers aren't in charge here. The ball is in our court. And history will hold us responsible for the outcome.

January 5, 2019

The Republican Party is in full suicide mode

They spent two years fearing Trump's voters and they lost the House anyway.

They are now totally silent on the Govt. shutdown. At present tens of thousands of government employees are getting fucked. Within another week or two, millions of non-government employees are going to get fucked with food stamps, tax returns and far, far more.

Yet, Mitch McConnell has pulled his head into his turtle shell and is trying to make believe that everything is just fine.

Nancy Pelosi has sent the Senate an exact duplicate of a bill the Senate passed two weeks ago. It's a bill that will end the shutdown and the insanity. And if Trump vetoes it, there will be enough votes in the Senate to override his veto.

But Mitch won't let it come up for a vote in the Senate. The exact same bill that passed the Senate two weeks ago and he won't let it come up for a vote???

His loyalty to the orange creature in the Oval Office is beyond astounding. So we must ask, what does Trump have on him? Or perhaps, what does Putin have on him? Is there a photo of Mitch screwing a Yak? More likely, it has to do with money. Russian money that has gone to Mitch himself and many in his party.

The criminal organization that calls itself the Republican Party is trying to lay low and hope this whole thing blows over.

It ain't going away, Mitch. It's all going to come out. Maybe Vladimir will offer you, Trump, and his children asylum in Moscow with a guarantee that he won't deport you. Hell, you might as well take it. On second thought, perhaps what the American justice system does to you might not be as bad as how Putin will treat you once he doesn't need you anymore.

You and your entire Republican Party have gone off a cliff. And you don't get any pity from me. All you get is this: You all deserve it, you motherfuckers.

January 3, 2019

Dominant Trump doesn't want a cabinet. He wants submissives

Yesterday was the latest Dominant/Submissive cabinet meeting.

It wasn't about any topic that mattered. It was just another televised piece of sickness/degradation.

Remember when he did this thing during his first year? The most embarrassing submissive was probably his Chief of Staff at the moment, Reince Prebus, who considered himself "blessed" to be serving his president. (Given a wanton public statement like this, one can only wonder what went on in private.) The rest of the cabinet members, one by one, kissed his orange ass. This was the whole purpose of the meeting. Nothing of substance was discussed.

Hey, Mr. Dominant: Bad news for you. Nancy Pelosi isn't going to kiss your ass. She's not one of your submissives. You'll be lucky if she's barely civil to you.

Hear this. Your days of being totally in charge are over. You can still make your cabinet members kiss your ass, but the House of Representatives is no longer your personal property. And you're about to find that out in a very painful, realistic way. Your about to get a lesson in what government is about. And you're going to hate it.

And in case you missed it, let me say it again. You don't own Nancy Pelosi.

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