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Gender: Male
Hometown: Palm Beach County, Florida
Member since: Fri Apr 16, 2004, 02:36 PM
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Republicans oppose Freedom/Democracy/America

Most of us know what we mean when we talk about what our country is (or should be). It’s a place in which we are free to live as we want to live, as long as we play by some equitable/fair set of rules.

It’s a place where no person should be subject to the whims of a king, a dictator, or a maniac.

The Founding Fathers got it right for the most part. It’s a place where fairness and justice have meaning. Except for that slavery thing and a woman’s right to vote. But what the hell, the founders fucked up badly there, but they at least got us started down a more productive, fair road toward the concept of democracy.

It took a Civil War in the 19th Century, and women’s suffrage in the 20th Century to fix some of the things the founders missed. And then it took the “New Deal” of the 1930’s to grant us the right to a decent life through a minimum wage during our working years, and Social Security in our old age.

Then, the movements of the 1960s helped fix a lot of the other things the founding fathers didn’t/couldn’t foresee. Things like civil rights, voting rights, Medicare and Medicaid.

Progress, and the move toward a more civilized society, took a couple of centuries. And now, the Republican Party has dedicated itself to turning back the clock, screwing up women’s rights, doing everything possible to stop black and brown people from voting, and getting rid of medical coverage, Social Security, and each and every program that shreds the safety net that helps people to live a life, free from poverty and misery.

The Republican Party is composed of mostly older white men who lack human decency. They can’t/won’t accept the concept of “equality for all.” As far as they’re concerned, they should rightfully be “in charge” of everything. And the “Thems and Others” should be taking care of the kids, cooking, cleaning the house, picking cotton, and dying as soon as they’re too old to be of any use.

The Republican Party is a disease that is doing everything possible to infect and destroy the very concept of democracy. This is who and what they are. And they must be stopped.

In a democracy, an opposition party is necessary. But a party, like today’s Republicans who are trying to establish a fascist country must be fought and be replaced by a sane, opposition party. A party that actually believes in freedom, democracy, and what America is meant to be.

Rachel Maddow's words may make it to the Smithsonian

Almost everyone has seen the video of Walter Cronkite reacting to John Kennedy's assassination. At the time, everyone already knew that Kennedy had been shot in Dallas and feared for the worst. But Kennedy's death wasn't "official" until Walter Cronkite took off his glasses, turned to the camera and, straining to keep his voice steady, said: "President Kennedy is dead."

Last night, Rachel Maddow interviewed Bob Woodward on his book "Fear." After the show was over, she spent about two minutes chatting with Lawrence O'Donnell whose show follows hers. Their chatter is normal, but last night, she came out with a statement for the ages and one that may end up in the Smithonian.

She was referring to specific passages in Woodward's book. But, imo, she was referring to the incredible, unlikely, mind-boggling fact that Donald Trump is occupying the Oval Office.

She said: "It's why dogs aren't allowed to drive cars."

O'Donnell laughed, held up a copy of Woodward's book "Fear," and said it will be the subtitle on the second printing: "'Fear'" It's Why Dogs Aren't Allowed to Drive Cars"

IMO, Rachel's comment may be a giant coffin nail in Trump's pResidency. For all the millions of words that have been written about Trump, none have been more devastating than indirectly comparing him to a dog that shouldn't be driving a car.

It seems likely that some 50 or more years from now, some documentary will cover, on whatever media exists in the future, the historical tape of Cronkite declaring a president dead, -- a historic moment, -- and a clip of Rachel Maddow referring to Donald Trump with the quip: "It's why they don't let dogs drive cars."

Both statements refer to horrific moments: One, a tragic announcement of loss; The other, a simple yet brilliant statement of a deadly threat to American democracy.

Here's what each and every Trump voter has in common:


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