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Gender: Male
Hometown: Palm Beach County, Florida
Member since: Fri Apr 16, 2004, 02:36 PM
Number of posts: 14,351

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Why do Republicans hate women, blacks, browns, "others?"

The answer is so simple. All take power/ownership/control away from white Christian men.*

Imagine (if you can) that you're a white Christian man. You are SOMEONE. You are PRIVILEGED. You are in CONTROL.

It doesn't matter what you do for a living. You are a SUPERIOR human being.

That mindset. That self-image. That world view. That is what and why you are among some of the stupidest fucking people on this planet. It's who and what you are. It's why you love and voted for a cruel, evil, know-nothing, orange imbecile.

Listen up. America will soon be a "minority" country. What does that mean? It means that white Christians will no longer be the majority.

Why does that scare them?

Because of what they've done to every non-Christian white person for a few hundred years in this country.

I'd like to believe that the new, upcoming majority will be more tolerant, fair and accepting than those who are about to become a minority. But can only hope. Human nature is human nature.

*There are millions upon millions of white Christian men who are decent, loving, and caring of all humanity.

Why are Hilary, Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren so hated?

The answer is simple. It's called the Republican Hate Machine.

Hilary is hated because Republican voters have been told for years that she is to be hated.

Nancy Pelosi is hated because the Republican Hate Machine keeps repeating that she must be hated. Why must she be hated? Because it is repeated and repeated and repeated that she must be hated.

Now that Elizabeth Warren is becoming a possible candidate for president, she too must be hated. So the Republican Hate Machine spends time telling Republican voters to hate an incredibly great woman, (who Trump calls "Pocahontas." The man's a piece of pig shit.)

If the imbeciles who buy into the hatred are asked why they hate any of those named above, they can't tell you. Actually, they won't tell you that they hate them because they are all Democrats. And Democrats, especially their leaders, and especially women, are against the racism, bigotry and ignorance spewed out by the Republican Party 24/7/365.

This is why Hilary, Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren are so hated. They are hated by the know-nothings of the world who are told to hate them. And they're told over and over and over again.

The Republican Hate Machine generates propaganda full time. We have nothing to match it except the truth. In the short run, propaganda machines work. In the long run, the haters go down.

My doctor asked me if I was on social media

Yesterday, I went for my yearly checkup.

After the med stuff, my doctor asked my what I do in my spare time

I told him about exercise, reading, etc, etc. And then I mentioned I spend time online.

His reaction was "Social Media?"

I told him I never go to Facebook, Twitter, or any of the social sites.

He breathed a sigh of relief. Although an MD, he went on to give me a short lecture about social network sites and mental health.

It was a lecture I didn't need. My feelings/beliefs are the same as his.

So what's my point?

If you're on social network sites, get off. Stop telling the world about yourself, and stop listening to or reading about crap that may or may not be true.

Social media could have been a blessing and a curse. Turns out it's more of a curse that anyone could have imagined.

I know that I'm going to take a ton of crap for this post from many people for many reasons.

Nonetheless, please allow me to say this to you. Get off of social media. And stay off. Forever.
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