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Cyrano's Journal
Cyrano's Journal
March 10, 2018

The powers of the American presidency must be downgraded

Republican “leaders” know that Trump is an ignorant, malicious buffoon who can destroy our economy and, just possibly, stumble his way into a nuclear holocaust. In the meantime, he’s allowing Putin to undermine our democracy. Republicans are the only ones who can stop him, but they won’t. Today's Republican Party is a totally corrupt criminal enterprise that seeks to hold onto power forever. They couldn't care less about what happens to the county. Or the world for that matter.

We’ve come to a strange place in which one simpleton can bring about such havoc. And that's why I believe that the powers of the American presidency must be downgraded. No single person should ever again be allowed to hold the power of (nuclear) life and death over the entire planet, or the well-being of its inhabitants.

Once the orange disease is gone, and once the Republican Party is dragged away from the levers of power, perhaps laws can be passed to limit the damage any president can do. His/her overall powers come from the constitution. But I’d venture to say that much of that power comes from past congresses having not exercised their prerogatives. (As one example, the constitution says that only congress can declare war. The last time that happened was Dec. 8, 1941, so I guess we haven’t had any wars since then.)

Limiting presidential power will be a daunting task. But, as Trump has demonstrated, it’s a necessary one that must be undertaken.

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