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Cyrano's Journal
Cyrano's Journal
January 20, 2016

The media, The Donald and Sarah


A story like this is what you'd expect to see on the tabloids at the check-out counter.

If stupid is a disease, the American Main Stream Media is infected beyond all hope.

Yeah, I know. They've spent many years now covering non-news, and filling air time with the stupidity of pundits interviewing other pundits.

However, treating "Sarah endorses Trump" as serious "News," has finally pushed the "News Business" to the bottom of the sewer.

If they covered this story at all it should have been in whatever section they cover UFO sightings.

Welcome to modern day American politics and the media that covers it.

Perhaps, someday in the future, this current era will be looked back upon as an aberration. An era in which insanity became the norm.

It seems that Orwell's "1984" and Huxley's "Brave New World" missed the actual craziness that has come into being.

January 12, 2016

Flint Mich.: Drink lead. Die. The kids too.

This is an excerpt from yesterday's rude pundit column. The people of Flint Michigan are drinking imported water because their own drinking water is filled with lead. Imported water is in short supply and the governor of Michigan doesn't give a rat's ass.

Perhaps this excerpt is a vision of the future of a Republican America.

If you go looking for information or updates on the crisis of lead poisoning the water of Flint, Michigan, you'll come across so many stories that make you despair for the treatment of the urban, industrial population in this greatest nation in the history of everything ever. If you're not up on this insane story about the criminal neglect and outright damnation of a poor city, especially its children, by cost-cutting Republicans, Rachel Maddow and her staff have been doing the kind of investigative reporting work that used to be a regular part of our media. If it's too much work to watch Maddow, you can read a quick summary to get up to speed.

The shortest version: budget-cutting, state-appointed emergency managers switched the water supply for Flint from Lake Huron to the polluted Flint River through sheer ignorance and wanton fuckery. By the time anyone listened that the water was poisoned, the chemicals had fucked up the pipes, and they continue to leech lead into the water supply so no one can drink from the faucet. If the state was led by honorable people, they would have lined up and sliced open their own guts with daggers to apologize.

Which gets us to Freeman Elementary School, a pre-kindergarten to sixth-grade public school in Flint and its family fun day, which will be held tomorrow at the school. Of course, it's not going to be just family fun, as a headline from the local paper reveals:

Yes, as the article says, "Children will be able to get their blood tested for lead during a family fun night this week at Freeman Elementary School in Flint." And then, heartbreakingly, "Lead testing is planned for infants up to children six years old, along with water filter giveaways, dance fitness for children, face painting, balloon artist, a free healthy meal, refreshments and raffles."

Think about that. This was supposed to be an event with dancing kids with cat whiskers drawn on their faces, eating healthy food, and winning a damn raffle. Now, it's being used as a chance for parents in one of the poorest cities in the country to see if their state has permanently damaged their kids because that's better than spending a little extra money on water tests or, you know, water safety. And what are they raffling now? Aquafina twelve-packs?

go to: rudepundit.blogspot.com and scroll down to yesterday's entry.
January 2, 2016

Jeb! Last man standing?

January 2nd, 2016: Election year is here, the primaries are nigh, and every pundit is predicting who the Republican candidate will be.

For some reason, it has struck me that Jeb, even after all his missteps and after all his screw ups, may just turn out to be the last man standing in this race. Here’s my thinking on this:

Trump is still #1 in the polls, but the brain-dead people who come out and cheer for him might be the same people who never show up at the polls. And even if some of them do, I just don’t believe there are enough to elect this narcissistic head case.

Ben Carson’s campaign was over a few weeks ago and it seems that the only one who doesn’t know this is Ben Carson.

Carly Fiorina: See Ben Carson.

Ted Cruz has been waiting around for Trump to fall and then pick up all the haters. Once Cruz is the front runner, the media will focus on him, millions of people will learn the fact that the man is a fundamentalist crazy and a first-class prick that no one can stand, and his campaign will die a slow (or perhaps quick) death.

Marco Rubio, it turns out, has a major money backer who is a convicted felon. And Rubio’s personal financial history leaves the impression that he’s inexperienced and sloppy. Not to mention that he’s a guy who just doesn't seem ready for prime time.

Chris Christy has gotten the backing of New Hampshire’s biggest Republican newspaper. But even if he has a good showing in NH, he’s gone a bridge too far for most people to support him. And he’s got a 5% positive rating in New Jersey. When the people in your home state hate you, it means you’re in trouble in other states.

Which leaves us with Jeb! The GOP establishment is comfortable with him and he’s a known quantity to most Republican voters. Throughout the entire campaign, he’s looked like the Fredo of the Bush family. But my guess is that he may just end up as the Republican candidate. As long as he stays out of rowboats.

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