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Cyrano's Journal
Cyrano's Journal
January 24, 2014

More GOP dickishness (a rant)

It’s no news that the party of “family values,” and “pro life,” doesn’t actually care about families, values, or the living. The party that wants to “cut the debt” doesn’t give a rat’s ass how deeply individual Americans are mired in debt. The party of “compassionate conservatism” totally lacks compassion and the only thing they want to conserve is their own power. The party that is controlled by a few super wealthy people through their teabagger minions of know-nothings, is a blight upon this country and a danger to us all.

Their real agenda is, “Screw everyone who isn’t a white, ‘Christian,’ Republican male. Screw ‘em, squeeze ‘em for everything they’ve got, spit on ‘em, and stomp ‘em into the dust.”

Imagine if they end up controlling both the House and Senate after this year's election. What they’ve done in the states they control is what they have in mind for the entire country. It was the author Sinclair Lewis who said: “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.” We seem to be pretty much headed in that direction.

The dickishness of today’s Republican/Teabagger party is something I've posted about here before, but they continue to become ever more dickish with each passing day. They've got to be stopped and it all depends on Democratic voter turnout this year. We've got to hang onto the Senate and win over the House. We must be as well motivated as our enemies. And make no mistake about it. They are our enemies as well as the enemies of human decency, empathy and freedom.

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