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Member since: Thu Apr 15, 2004, 06:56 PM
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It's been clear for a long time now that the worst people (psychopaths, etc.) are being allowed...

...to rise to the highest positions of power. And here, we're not just talking about politics. Look at what's been going on in the business world since at least the '80s.

Oh, boy...wait 'til the incels and MRA/PUAs get a look at this one.

She's like a stereotype of what you see them complaining about on We Hunted the Mammoth (a blog that parodies the incel/MRA/PUA "movement", such as it is).

Oh, the grammar/spelling issues are a nice touch too. Nothing like overconfidence while tweeting. Pride goeth before the fall.

https://wehuntedthemammoth.com (site appears down)
https://twitter.com/DavidFutrelle (WHTM author)

They may have accessed a device as part of a plea deal, etc. Ali Alexander was repeatedly...

...deposed. I remember he got served a summons to a new deposition immediately after leaving one he just completed! The Feds probably made him a deal he couldn't refuse in order to save his own sorry ass. That probably meant handing over all his devices, unlocked and with everything in plaintext (i.e. no encryption). Alexander was at some of the most important meetings including ones that Roger Stone attended.

That is definitely how they got access to all the messages of the Proud Boy morons. The Feds infiltrated the organizations. That's usually the best way to get access in the age of strong encryption: get them to trust you and give you a device (or give you access to their systems).

You're welcome. I don't really follow him much, but I was introduced to his show...

...on DU. Being relatively young, Pakman keeps on top of some of the dumber trends, like the garbage 4Chan/8Kun "culture". What set him off here, I believe, was the "Coomer" meme, which was really big on the Chans and Reddit thanks to the alt-right. This was around the same time of that moronic "Clown World" meme, which should serve to date the approximate time this clip came out (probably a couple of years ago).

It was pretty absurdly funny that the guy running Dominion was coincidentally named Eric Coomer, and between that and Sidney Powell droning on and on about Antifa conspiring with Joe Biden, well, you see the result.

She totally cracked up David Pakman with her moronic election "fraud" allegations.

The crackup starts when Powell mentions "[Dominion] patent holder Eric Coomer". The "Coomer" meme (unrelated to Coomer's name) was the latest idiotic fad with the alt-right at the time, which is probably what got Pakman going.

Michelle Goldberg: Biden Is Too Old To Be President Again

This is not the most helpful thing Ms. Goldberg could have written about Joe Biden, to say the least. But there it is on the NYT op-ed page. Apologies in advance if someone has posted this previously.

By the way, Ms. Goldberg does make some useful observations when discussing the advanced age of so many of our political leaders. Biden should not be singled out for most of her criticism, however, when he deserves it the least. And her characterization of the state of the nation, Post-Trump, is on point.

I canít help feeling very sorry for Joe Biden. Heís wanted to be president for most of his life, first running 34 years ago. Had his son Beau not died in 2015, Biden might have entered the Democratic primary then; as vice president he would have been a favorite and likely would have beaten Donald Trump.

By the time he finally achieved the office he longed for, he was far past his prime. Trump had left the country in ruins, its institutions collapsing, much of the population gripped by furious delusions, and millions traumatized by the pandemic. Biden was elected to bring back a normality that now appears to be gone for good.


As usual, he's being covered dawn-to-dusk by RSBN. A "network"...

...that's really just a fucking YouTube channel. Somehow they have the funding to follow Drumpf around the country nonstop like Deadheads. Hopefully someone in the media is investigating that, because the real story is there.

It's been suggested that the Guidestones were intended as a post-apocalypse Ten Commandments...

...of sorts. They were erected in 1979-1980, which was arguably the peak of the Cold War. It's possible that whoever designed the monument believed that a future nuclear war would reduce the world population significantly below 500 million. So that number would be both a goal and a recommended limit, presumably because humanity would have much less technology available in the aftermath (farming, medicine, communications, etc.).

Apparently Bill Bennett has gone full radtrad. I'm sure this kind of talk...

...is landing him interviews with the execrable Raymond Arroyo on EWTN, not to mention the sanctimonious talkers on (Ir)-Relevant Radio. In fact, that's probably already happened.

He'll fit in real well on Roosh V's web stream show as well. A while back, Roosh did too many 'shrooms and slipped over the edge into full Orthodox (ROCOR) radtrad psychosis. (No, I'm not joking).


I see that the morons at "alternative facts" news sites like NewsLeast...er...NewsMax and OANN...

...are busy pushing alt-right conspiracy memes like "Eat the Bugs". Next up will be "Live In the Pod", no doubt. This is how they "top" Fox News, folks, mainstreaming people like Charlie Kirk, Laura Loomer, and RooshV. In the words of Richard Pryor, it's "the logical conclusion of the logic".

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