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Member since: Thu Apr 15, 2004, 06:56 PM
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This is the end result of more than forty years of "co-belligerency" between radtrad Catholics...

...and America's nominally Protestant ruling class. Over the years, the radtrads have worn down the resistance of the Protestant churches to truly radical, extreme ideology, like a total legal ban on contraception. This was easiest with the fundamentalist nondenominational Protestants as well as the Southern Baptists, whose ideas were never that far from radtradism to start with. So in recent years you have seen Albert Mohler, one of the major leaders of the Southern Baptists, attacking the "contraceptive mentality"; that expression is a favorite thought-terminating cliché among radtrad Catholics.

There are quite a few heirloom (non-GMO) purple tomatoes already...

...but as is mentioned in the article, they don't have the high anthocyanin levels that the GMO tomatoes do. The heirloom purple tomatoes often go by names like "Black Tula" and "Black Krim" because they often appear almost black when ripe (but they are really a dark purple). The names refer to their Russian and Eastern European heritage. There are some American heirloom purple tomatoes as well; the Cherokee Purple is probably the most famous.

I've never tasted a Cherokee, but I can say that the Russian tomatoes (which are also grown here) are really tasty. They have an unusual salty bite that makes them great for BLTs and Caprese salad.

If the three-letter agencies and their forensics teams get a hold of your device(s)...

...and you're not a professional (state-sponsored) spy, you're probably fucked. Real spies have a lot of bespoke technology that isn't easily hacked, and they're trained in evading forensics should they be searched.

PillowMan doesn't strike me as terribly bright, especially after his admitted years of drug abuse. I'm surprised he got as far as he did with his moronic pillow business. He doesn't even seem capable of running a coffee shop.

Incel logic. Or should I say "logic". Vance is mainstreaming...

...MRA/PUA "thinking": the kind of shit we used to see from Roosh V before he ODed on shrooms and fell into religious psychosis (oh, sorry, I forgot; he still hates women--religion is just his latest excuse for why he does). The alt-right/MRA/PUA morons have an infinite number of memes about "frigid cat ladies", etc.

This mainstreaming is now commonplace with alt-right-adjacent politicians like Vance, Boebert, MTG et al. For example, MTG just plagiarized the "eat the bugs" meme the other night. That one is least a few years old and was very popular with alt-right and radtrad subcultures: idiots who whine all day about "degeneracy". The "cat lady" meme has to be from a decade ago.

That story about the Navy being " 'force fed' bugs" shows that MTG's now shamelessly plagiarizing...

...conspiracy theories and memes from 4Chan/8Chan/whatever the hell they call it now. She's mainstreaming alt-right "thought" (such as it is), complete with the de rigueur name-dropping of Bill Gates, Soros, et al. There are any number of idiotic memes on the Chans (and other alt-right spaces) which say things like "you will live in a pod, you will eat the bugs, you will renounce your God". Distorted faces of stereotypical villains like Soros are also often found in these clichéd memes.

I see that many Republican politicians haven't just forgotten their high school civics...

...they are also sorely deficient in their recollection of sex ed and Biology 101.

Well, that's...insensitive. It reminds me of the Marriott hotel in San Diego that did this...

...they offered free coffee and mini-muffins "in honor of those we lost on 9-11" back in 2013. To add insult to injury, the offer lasted all of 30 minutes!


Someone said here today that they hope his old man really is underwater in all...

...of his business dealings, because if there is any actual money for Don Jr to inherit, he might as well put a gun to his head. (And that probably goes for Kimberly Guilfoyle too).

There's no way that this guy isn't totally coked out here.

It's pretty clear what's going on. Drumpf promised the religious right...

...whatever they wanted in return for a pathetic, fawning loyalty. The most important thing to the religious right was getting their "Neanderthal justices", as Ted Kennedy called them. Nothing else seems to matter to them. I remember that there were maybe one or two evangelical conservatives that warned their followers about Drumpf, and they were instantly thrown under the bus.

I remember how during the Cold War, Americans used to ridicule Castro for the ridiculous length...

...of his speeches.

"Trump spent most of his two-hour address airing his old personal grievances, and some new ones...”

"It took about 80 minutes for Trump to return to the GOP candidates on the ballot this year."

Yet here we are in 2022, and there are fools following Trump around the country like Deadheads, hanging on every word of his Castro-length tirades. Even worse, about a third of the country thinks he's "their guy".
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